Mastering the Nik Collection

As I didnt find an appropriate section, I post it here:
Just wanted to get the tutorial “Mastering the Nik Collection” via Fstoppers with redeem code.
But it doesnt work. The checkout can not be proceded because “Amount must be greater than zero”.
Please solve this issue.

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Problem fixed.

Beware, the files are very big (about 17 GB). If you don’t have a high speed connection, the download will last for hours…

Thanks, for fixing it and no problem with download (1GBit connection :wink: )

When/how did you get your code for the tutorial? I just upgraded and haven’t seen anything obvious. Or received an additional email.



I see in this thread Where can I find the Fstoppers-Bundle - I purchase the Nik Collection 6.3? that there is a problem noted by support.

This problem has been fixed.

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Not for me it hasn’t, and a number of others.

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What does not work for you? That you can not order with the redeem code (thats why I opened this topic) or that you didnt get the email with the code. The issue with the Fstoppers shop has been solved and this is what Patrick is referring too. If you didnt get the email, it is something different and is being discussed in the other topic.

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We are sorry that the coupon code generated by Fstoppers does not work immediately on their website in all cases at the moment.

We have already contacted Fstoppers and asked for a solution to be found as soon as possible.

If you own a license of Nik Collection 6 or have purchased it in the last few days and have not yet received a coupon code from us, please be patient. We have temporarily stopped sending the codes until the above issue is resolved. Please note that we can only send you the code if you have agreed that we may inform you via newsletter.

We advise against purchasing the tutorial because we cannot reimburse you for the price of the tutorial.


Good news – bugs fixed! Your Fstoppers tutorial is all yours

By this weekend as a user of Nik Collection 6 you should have received your personalized code to download the free tutorial from Fstoppers.
Please accept our apologies if you have experienced problems retrieving your free tutorial over the last few days! Due to a small bug on the Fstoppers website, some customers were unable to trigger the download. This has now been fixed.
If you were unable to redeem your coupon, please try again.
Sorry if you have been affected! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support if you experience any further problems.
Ps: if you didn’t receive your codes make sure to receive informational messages as well as the latest on DxO’s offers, please sign up to our newsletter here or contact our customer service team
Warm regards,
The DxO Team