Where can I find the Fstoppers-Bundle - I purchase the Nik Collection 6.3?

Where can I find the Fstoppers-Bundle - I purchase the Nik Collection 6.3?


If you purchased the Nik Collection, you should have received an email containing the instructions to access the FStoppers tutorials and the discount code allowing to get them for free. If you didn’t receive it, you should ask the support. I doubt that publishing the discount code here would be appreciated.



We are sorry that the coupon code generated by Fstoppers does not work immediately on their website in all cases at the moment.

We have already contacted Fstoppers and asked for a solution to be found as soon as possible.
If you own a license of Nik Collection 6 or have purchased it in the last few days and have not yet received a coupon code from us, please be patient.

We have temporarily stopped sending the codes until the above issue is resolved. Please note that we can only send you the code if you have agreed that we may inform you via newsletter.

We advise against purchasing the tutorial because we cannot reimburse you for the price of the tutorial.


This problem is now fixed. I could generate the order and download the files.


Thank you :grin:, I will follow up with support as I have yet to receive an email from my order about 2 hours ago.

Same problem here. I ordered yesterday and have yet to hear anything about tutorials. This should not be so difficult, and putting the problem off on Fstoppers is a bit lame.

The promo event for sure seems to be have gone pear-shaped. If you haven’t reached out to support yet you should. This way they know you need help. They’ve been good about trying to keep me updated. Even if it has been please continue to be patient while we work to resolve this.

I’m glad I am on this side of the conversation to be honest. I wouldn’t want to have my eyes melted by some people’s comment’s like I can assume they (the support team) are.

Not fixed, purchased and I dont have a code, asked support and I get an automated reply. Its an absolute mess, and cant believe they didn’t test it first.

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The problem that has been fixed is that it was not possible to place the 0$ order on the vendor’s site (FStoppers). Not receiving the email with the discount code after purchase is another problem.

Found this page in the Nik FAQs:

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This problem is fixed. Now the coupon code works correctly. I used it.

Where are the free Fstoppers tutorials? I accepted your offer and upgraded to Nik Collection 6 yesterday. I have yet to receive any information about the tutorials.

Hi, this site doesn’t provide tech support from DxO. For that, please submit a support request at support.dxo.com. That said, DxO has commented in these forums about the free tutorial: they intend to send instructions via e-mail.