Make info popup optional

The info popup appears as soon as you hover over a thumbnail, in either the library window or the filmstrip under the editing window.

This is very annoying if you don’t want it to appear.

There is an option on the Affichage menu to turn it off (also hotkey I), but that only makes it disappear until you hover over another thumbnail, when it reappears.

I would have expected the menu option to disable/enable this behaviour more permanently, allowing users the option to see the info on mouse over or not.

My feature request is to correct this behaviour, as described above.

…or add a setting that lets me switch off the image info popup.
…or make the info available with cmd-i like most other apps do on Mac.

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Clarification for the historical.
The display time was decreased relative to precedent versions (Optics pro 10 if I remember correctly) to meet this same request.

Please get rid of this window.


It takes up too much space, it is not needed, it is distracting, and occasionally it blinks on and off, which is even worse.

Please get rid of this popup.


Good to see this topic back at the top of posts
Gets my vote … it’s really annoying


Please enjoy this thread.

Oh, I forgot to write why I want the info popup optional. The reason is very simple: the popup hide preview of photo largely. It is specially frustration for me on small display of notebook like MacBook 13-inch.



I agree with your opinion.
I admit that I often check ISO and Shutte speed of my photos, but don’t want to see thee info every time as soon as I hover over thumbnails.
It really annoys me and deprave my RAW developing experience on PhotoLab3.

DxO, you should make the function optional (selective) as soon as possible.

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Hello @Joanna and @YYY,

It’s on our TODO list for DxO PhotoLab 3.2 that is planned on the end of February or beginning of March. However, we reserve the right to change our plans and release it earlier or later but anyway we are aware that it annoys some our users.

Hi Alex and many thanks.

En voilà une bonne nouvelle !

Hi Alex &DxO team!
It’s nice to hear from you that you are ready to improve the function.

I’m just a beginner of PhotoLab series, and I love this democratic way to select where you will improve next. In other words, developers and users have been keeping nice connections for each others. Big companies can’t mimic this flexible way.

Thank you!