Annoying popup

Is there a way to stop the annoying information popup that comes up each time you hover over a thumbnail picture. If I want info I’ll go get it myself, I do not want it pushed in my face each and every time I click on a thumbnail or hover over it.


Keystroke i seems to turn it off.


…yes, but only in the large work area above the film strip.

In Library mode, you’ll get the popup no matter what - unless you set your moise pointer somewhere else to rest…

Keystroke i does indeed turn it off. You can also avoid it from coming up by carefully keeping the pointer in the gray area above the thumbnail and not in the picture itself.

This is very annoying. There is nothing on the popup that I can’t get from the EXIF palette. Pressing I only makes it disappear until the mouse passes over another thumbnail.

There needs to be an option to hide this permanently


Unlike others I’m very happy with the new popup. As far as I remember it was a feature request here. It doesn’t annoy me at all. It comes up after two seconds hovering the mouse over an image in the filmstrip or library.

The point is: You get this information for an image without selecting it. In the Library there is no EXIF palette.

One of the problems is that it comes up every single time. How many times do you need to read what is written on the popup? You go back to the picture several times of course but I do not want to see the popup every single time. From a GUI perpective the logical thing would be that the info comes up after a key-command, not the other way round.


Why??? What purpose does it serve, apart from annoying the heck out people who don’t want it?

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it only worked in the Library pane but it also gets in the way in the filmstrip of the editing pane.

This would be a far better way of working. At least a hot key that enables/disables the behaviour without having to press it just to get rid of the panel. I took a good look in all the preferences files and could not find a relevant switch - I was hoping for a back door :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Took a while for me to reproduce :wink: Its only when you leave the cursor above a thumbnail. Because I never do this, it was also until now no problem at all for me and still is.

Just tested again, because I now know how it works. And I find that now even useful to get direct information about the image. I don’t have to use the EXIF editor. And to make it disappear, all I have to do is move the mouse.

I have to say I also like the pop-up and find it convenient.

The way it was designed is completely wrong.

  1. Information is being pushed on to you even if you do not ask for it and have no need for it and this for every single picture. Besides, one uses this software mainly to develop pictures and the info given does not help that in the least. For those who like the “feature” I’d really like to know what you do with this information, again for every single picture and every single time you hover over the thumbnail? How many times do you need to read the info and do you require it for every picture and what do you do with it?

  2. The way it is now it does not even stay up long enough to read all the info, it requires moving the mouse pointer a second time and wait for it to come up again if you want to read it all.

  3. As any other software that I know of handles these kind of things: a button or key combination to have it come up and again to have it go away. That is the obvious correct way of implementation. Then it also can stay up long enough for you to read it at your pace.

  4. If that is not possible and the implementation has to stay the way it is then at least there should be a choice in the preferences to have or not have the “feature”.


And what do you do with it Sigi? Convenient for what purpose precisely? I am genuinely interested.


Hello picman,
I am so used to scrolling in the “grey area” only that it never bothered me. I do quite a lot of HDR shots and hovering over the file is quite convenient to see the relevant data without clicking on it and looking in the exif editor. For other pictures I personally nevery use the hovering.

And as somebody mentioned above I think thise feature was introduced by user request/vote - but I am not sure anymore

Thanks Sigi, understood. Well maybe the best would be a choice in the preferences. And yes carefully staying in the grey area above the thumbnail you can at least avoid it coming up.


Okay, again. This pop up window was known to me, but appeared so seldom that I only now through this post at all became aware of it and how to trigger this. But I still don’t understand the workflow on which the cursor stays over the thumbnail.

My cursor is busy selecting menus, tools or anything else and is hardly parked over anything. I also work with 2 monitors. The first one is used for editing and the second one is used for the image browser.

The whole discussion here reminds me a bit of the one about the Nik Collection button. It doesn’t bother me any more than the popup because I have better things to do, e.g. editing pictures :wink:

Where I agree, is that the popup window disappears too fast to read everything. Therefore I will probably use it rather rarely, because it’s admittedly impractical.


Agree, same here.

I like the popup.

If you leave the cursor on the image the popup stays put in my experience and does not disappear.

Did test again and for me it definitely dissapears after around 8-9 sec. No matter if the thumbnail is selected or not. Weird its different for you.

Timed it for 20 sec and it was still there.