Mac only: Looking up plant or bird names - did you know about?

Mac and Siri users: Do you know you can identify an unknown plant or animal with Preview and Siri-suggestions? A friend showed me something I haven’t seen before because i deactivated some Siri options.

When the :information_source: gets a little star, within the image you’ll find another icon if you click on the info button.

Siri gives you taxonomies, wikipedia links and similar images in the web. I didn’t know that before and I also don’t know how to transfer these information into XMP sidecarts, but I find that super useful.

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AFAIK this became available in the US last year, it recently was rolled out to (some countries in?) Europe.

It may be useful, but I have seen some blatant errors too :stuck_out_tongue:

So had I when using Excire. Dolphins (duck with thin beak), orcas (black and white duck) and parrots (don’t remember that one, maybe some shiny duck :laughing:) on an ordinary freshwater river inmidst Switzerland, but Siri had some hits and better definitions Excire could not remotely come close to. There were some mushrooms I didn’t know, the plant was correct. I’m stunned to have that kind of recognition now onboard.

What has this post go to do with any of DxO’s products?

…only if you’re connected. Most of Siri is handled in Apple’s data centres.

In “DxO products” you could tag keywords. And the better a keyword is, the more easier it should become to find an image. So, with the keyword “plant” I find more images, but with the keyword Euonymus europaeus I find the right ones, when searching after this plant.

Also, in regard of the +2.300 post thread you’re also participating in, I wonder why you never asked there “and what has this to did with DxO products?” :wink:

So is also Google search (handled in Google data centres). I’m aware I need to be connected and all the dataloss, and not conform to DSGVO and all the bad things which could happen, but are already happening with or without it. I’m aware every time I’m in the internet, but with a bit of luck I won’t be killed by an American drone for just using the wrong search terms. I compensate for some of this data traces by not using a smartphone. And I’m rather sure, I’m a minority here :grin:

Because the title of that topic explicitly states “Off topic”, even so the majority of the posts in that topic are about how to use DxO products.

Well, I thought it might be useful for all the many people using additional apps to tag keywords and organize libraries… but wait: This post addresses Mac users. So, what are you doing here? Windows has no such function. I thought, if other Mac users know about the possibility to use an on-board functionality to identify subjects on their images, it would be worth a feature request to implement this into PL, especially if the OS is already doing the AI-work. You’re aware there are a lot of differences between the two DxO development teams and so far I haven’t noticed any effort from DxO to straighten up this differences. Ok, we all know about the future of most feature requests: A cosy spot in the trash bin of DxO. :laughing:

Edit: Thanks to your reply I modified the title, as I also sometimes stumbled into specifically Windows threads which can be confusing or distracting.

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I can’t find what you are showing on this picture.
Please, can you give more details?

It’s working with Mac OS 13. Don’t know if earlier Mac OS are supporting it.
“Ask Siri” needs to be active (preferences), and in the prefs for spotlight (search results) the setting Siri-proposals (or suggestions?) also needs to be actve.
The Mac needs to be connected to the internet.

Does not work on my Mac with macOS Monterey.

One more thing: Click on “Info” in, only then will the overlay appear.

The Icon also appears in Preview, so no need to import the pictures first into Photo.

I am on Venture 10.13 last version.

It was not, I have activated.

This is the issue for me since I don’t want to import photos in Photos!
But I tried with one picture, a bird easy to search.
I don’t see the icon.
Photos is a black box for me ; I remember the time where it was duplicating pictures when importing, probably no more true, but I don’t know what it does with my pictures, where it stores data collected (face recognition,…). I fear it is impossible to exploit all that data outside Photos, a closed system for me…
Not really a big deal, thank you for your help.

I had to reboot after setting it up, I believe to remember. If you like to post your picture, I can try if the :information_source:-icon in my preview has a different look.

OK, here an example reduced.

As it is, the bird was not recognized. After cropping it changed:

I guess it’s because the contrast between the railing and the seagull was too low? Don’t know. Also, sometimes the results are clearly off

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Nice, thanks !

Don’t expect too much :laughing: 5 guesses are not exactly proof of artificial intelligence excellence…

Your bird is stronger than Janus, who had two heads!

To add to that info, when using Photos in full size mode, if the info button has a star on it ,click it and a further button appears at the bottom right corner which will give any info from any landmark buildings in your picture it recognises