Mac only: Looking up plant or bird names - did you know about?

At first, your description is wrong. On my “Photos”, a button “more info” appears in the middle of the lower border of the image. NOT on the right side. Clicked on it. No reaction. Clicked again. Info window goes empty. Needed ESC to end fullscreenmode. I believe, your info windwow ist just the normal Info which was possible all OS versions before. Add keywords and title, faces and places, if there’s no GPS data included.

Photos in full size is showing info button with a star on top. when clicked brings up the info panel when the white button on the goose is clicked it brings up the description panel,

These screenshots show that the info button also picks up landmarks or returns ‘No Information’ when clicked. The star needs to be showing on the info button.

Can be very useful as you say with Bird and Plants but also info on buildings.

Now, that’s making it much clearer, thank you for the screenshots. Also, I just go a security update, after which the crash of “Photos” is no longer happening when clicking on the “more info” tag. Instead of that, the image slides upwards and a map is shown beneath it.
Furtheron, two other details:
Depending if there’s GPS data in the picture AND the data indicates a “place of interest”, a landmark is no longer needed to give more info, as the dark boathouse is hardly recognizable as such. I guess, in your nice image of Salisbury cathedral were no GPS coordinates? But Photos could still detect the right object? If so, rather cool.

Also, if an image contains text (in any language, even in [readable] handwriting), it’s also shown and read (again, a button in the right corner appears). Next thing I did, put the text into DeepL and getting the translation of Slovenian. Nice.

Thank you JoJu yes if you Gps coordinates are available the black button becomes a location info button but it still recognises distinctive buildings without GPS and if you scroll down the panel lots of further info appears and links to even more info.
The button that brings up translate can also enable you to copy that text and bring up the location panel

Note the Pub name The Greyhound is highlighted and can be copied

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