M1 Macs Photoshop Native Support Now Available

If you value your Nik Collection 3, don’t update to Photoshop 22.3 which brings native support to M1 based Macs. My Nik Collection is gone, I’ve tried reinstalling, it goes through the installation just fine, but they are nowhere to be found in the newest version of Photoshop. I also lost my Raya Pro 5.0 editing suite as well.

I’m willing to bet DXO will come out with a version 4 we’ll have to purchase just to get working software with the latest Photoshop update from Adobe.

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Another user here might have a fix. You can search the forums, as several topics have been opened about it. I also suggest you open a support ticket at support.dxo.com.

Try this:

This is a Photoshop issue as it transitions to UXP Panels. It not only affects Nik but also other panels e.g. Lumenzia. I am running my M1 MacBook with Ps 22.3 on Rosetta and notice that the Extensions Menu is now listed as Legacy and both Nik and Lumenzia are working as normal without any noticeable change in performance.

Running PS 22.3 under Rosetta has no impact on the plugins, the issue occurs when you run it as a universal app.

How do make PS run under Rosetta? My 22.3 doesn’t show as Universal but rather as Intel and I do have the issue of missing NIK.

Sorry for the dumb question but I’m a Mac noob!

Ps on Intel Macs cannot be run with Rosetta. Rosetta exists on Apple Silicon Macs only.

Unter Affinity Photo 1.9.1 Nativ (M1) funktionieren die Nik-Filter auch nicht. Die Nik Filter müssen von DxO universal umgeschrieben werden.

I am on a M1 Mac Mini!

Strange… Info looks like this on my MacBook Air (Big Sur 11.2.2)

I also notice a difference in size and Erstelldatum… As far as I know, version 22.3 was published around March 10th, your install date is before that.
I’d check for updates again…

you are totally wrong they came up with a PAID version 4 that does NOT even work native on mac M1. think we lost support for NIK on macos definitly as rosetta is only a transition solution … is someone from DXO here to confirm they decided to drop mac user on this one ?

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I’m not from DxO and I’d say that DxO is just struggling a little bit to teach the old horse new tricks, or, as dpreview says: “As a note for M1 Mac users, the Nik Collection 4 doesn’t natively support the M1 version of Adobe Photoshop yet. DxO hopes to have a compatible installer available soon.”

DxO release notes for Nik4 say

Known Issues and Limitations
• Nik Collection can be launched from Adobe Photoshop on Mac with ARM if Adobe Photoshop is used with ” Open with Rosetta ” option.
• Nik Collection cannot be launched from Affinity on Mac with ARM.
• Portrait images could be opened as landscape when launched from Affinity
• Last Edit from the plugin file menu, Last Edit from the Selective Tool, Smart Copy&Paste
from the Lightroom, Brush Tool, and Non-destructive workflow not available for the Nik
Perspective Efex
• Selective Tool preferences are not applicable for Nik Perspective Efex
• Nik Perspective Efex is not available from Affinity
• Favorite presets for Nik Viveza is not available in the Selective Tool

A bit of customer communication wouldn’t harm… journalist don’t pay fir they software as we do. I ll skip this version until they fix it properly and hope they will keep the introductory price at this time.


It’s a disgrace that they have released this without M1 native compatibility.

They’ve had plenty of time to sort it. I bought Nik Collection 3 for an M1 Mac and was unaware it was also not compatible. It installs without any warning but the plugin never appears once you launch Photoshop. I had to waste time contacting Nik support to figure out what was happening.

They need a bit of cop on within DXO and fix this issue or make it VERY obvious at purchase time and during installation that this thing will not natively work with an M1 Mac.

They are doing themselves no favours. Huge numbers of M1 Macs out there now.

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I’m done with DXO. Not only are they ridiculously slow to update the apps for the latest macOS, but they have the audacity to charge customers for ‘upgrades’ that are little more than updates. I have switched to an M1 Mac, and while Nik collection will run under Rosetta, it causes issues with Photoshop. Silicon Macs were released nearly a year ago! Why such a delay in releasing a native version. Too busy churning out PureRAW. How about concentrating on Photolab, which customers have already purchased.

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You should try Adobe. They charge every month, updates or not.

What DxO is doing which is reprehensible is stealing the VAT money from EU registered businesses and pocketing it themselves.

Moreover, my productivity in November/December was partially ruined by a forced update from Mojave to Big Sur/Monterey due to PhotoLab 5. It would have cost DxO very little to support Mojave (worked fine with PhotoLab 4, DeepPrime didn’t need any additional optimisation for Intel and didn’t get as far as I can see now that I’ve had a chance to benchmark DeepPrime in PhotoLab 4 and PhotoLab 5). Forcing OS updates has turned DxO from a friend or a partner into an unpleasant work relationship.

What’s particularly frustrating is that after cutting off Mojave, PhotoLab 5 works poorly on M1 Macs. Better performance on Intel CMP while editing than on a brand new M1 Pro MBP, despite a nominal single thread speed which is 3x faster. There’s a terrible memory leak as well in the M1 version of PhotoLab 5. The only Macs on which PhotoLab 5 lives up to its full potential is an iMac 5K 2020 with either a 5500XT or better a 5700XT or a Mac Pro in its €10,000 glory with an upgraded graphic card. Or a Classic Mac Pro with Big Sur, AMD hardware acceleration via Open Core and a Radeon VII 16 GB graphic card.

I’m half done with DxO myself, but who to support instead? What software to use instead?

I usually get full year license codes when they come with a discount.
This gets me 12 months of LR and PS for about 99.-, just a little bit more than the yearly upgrade for PhotoLab…

You are sneaking in with the Photographers’ package on which Adobe tried to double the price a few years ago.

It doesn’t stop Adobe from invading your computer with spyware which monitors everything you do and all the images you touch. Anyone using Adobe is:

  1. supporting the world’s most abusive large software company (yes Adobe even outbats Microsoft now) and encouraging the end of purchased software).
  2. supporting official spyware and the security state.

If you think this is okay, fine for you, Platypus, but don’t expect me to smile and say it’s okay. It’s not.

Adobe is like a boa constrictor trying to strangle every other image software maker, leaving only Adobe standing as a pro option. When they get there, your subscription will not just double but triple.

Trained seals will bark and clap at what a wonderful job Adobe has done in increasing their market capitalisation. Welcome to dystopia, built one photographer at a time.