LR - PureRaw2 workflow - plz stop making collections!

Plz change the way LR plugin imports back files after processing with PureRaw2. Making those collections with date and time is pointless, but it’s not the main issue. The worst thing ever is that after import LR switches to that collection with this one picture, and to go back to editing my pictures i have to switch to libary module, select folder i’m working in, then switch back to develop mode. Soooo frustrating when i have to process couple files with PureRaw. Plz make it like PS-LR integration, when file just comes back as a copy to develop module!

I fully agree!

If I remember correctly, there is a post by someone, whao edited the DPR plugin to inhibit the creation of the collection… Let’s see if I find the post… No, it was about the same feature in PhotoLab.

Just in case you want to modify DPL’s behaviour…: Lightroom Export to Collections - #2 by Photo-DKO