Local adjustments are fixed to the screen - NOT to the image

When placing a control point or defining an mask it seems to be located in relationship with the screen. If the image is moved on the screen (distortion, perspective correction, horizon…) the points or the mask will stay as it was placed on the screen and not follow the location on the image.
I do have screenshots to clarify the issue. Can I send them - and how?

No need to send anything. This is a well known limitation when you apply horizon, perspective, and distortion corrections after you apply local adjustments or repair/clone masks. I believe DXO has a request in the backlog to address this. In the mean time, it’s best to just remember to apply LA and repair/]clone masks after making those other adjustments.




I have nothing to add :point_up_2:, thank you Mark!

Svetlana G.

This is actually a minor limitation, as the good workflow in practice is that you should apply local corrections only once you’re done with the global corrections.

I would not give a high priority to this improvement, compared to the (long) list of other requests :wink:


True, there is a long list. To me it is annoying to redo the whole picture just for making a new version or after deciding about another geometry correction along the workflow.