loading pictures from affinity photo 2

When I open a picture in color efex pro 5 from affinity photo 2 the picture loads landscape even though it’s a portrait picture even after rasterizing it. Any ideas about how to rotate it? Separately for some reason, it takes several minutes to open an image in HDR efex pro 2.

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Try installing an earlier version of NIK Collection in affinity photo maybe it would work better as affinity Photo v2 doesn’t work well with Nik Collection v5 to my taste I don’t know what about other user’s experience with that combination but in my case it just didnt work so well so I had to downgrade the Nik Collection version try Nik Collection Version 2.

DxO has introduced new user interfaces with Nik versions 4 and 5. Before that, Nik Collection was mainly left as is apart from bug fixes and removing references to Google.

Installing an older Nik Collection is certainly an option, but you’d better check system and application compatibility on the support page.


somehow your post slipped … :slight_smile:

note – I’m on Windows

  • opened & developed a raw-file in portrait orientation in AP2
  • chose CEP5 and the pic appeared & was saved in portrait orientation

Did you try other pics too?
Can you try with pics from another cam?

  • Checked the very same file with HDR2 – still one of the old moduls within Nik Collection 5.4
    (NC 3.x: AnalogEfex 2, ColorEfex 4, DFine 2, HDR 2, Sharpener Pro 3, SilverEfex 2, Viveza 2)
    and it took a little longer to load the file than it’s ‘siblings’, which is normal – but not minutes.

The ‘new’ NC versions run much quicker than the ‘old’ ones in AP2.
But I also prefer the old interface.

  • I use the new and the old versions → more here …
    ( this works for me / don’t know if it does so on Mac ! )
    note – Perspective Efex does NOT work as PlugIn in AP / AP2