Lightroom Export to Collections

I’m using LR for cataloging, than sending select RAW files to PL5 for processing, then exporting completed JPEGs back to LR (as I’m sure many of you do). My problem is that every single export gets saved in a unique collection. It completely defeats the point of collections if I have hundreds of them each containing a single image. Is there any way to change this behavior? I just want the file to go back to the original folder. I mean, I realize it actually DOES go back to the original folder and that the collection just points to that location, but I don’t want to have to deal with deleting all of these stupid collections every time I export.



You can change that behaviour by modifying the plugin code:

Find the DXO importer plugin folder via the plugin manager in LR (on Windows it’s here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules\dxo-importer-dpl5.lrplugin)

It’s the file named PluginInit.lua, and you need to comment out line 204 that reads addPhotosToNewCollection(catalog, importedPhotos) by adding – in front like this:


Now the function that creates that collection and adds the exported photo to it is not called.

You have to redo this at each PL5 update because the file is overwritten.

This really should be an option, it’s a nuisance for me as well.


PS you can also choose “export to application” and select Lightroom there. That’ll bypass the whole DxO import script that doesn’t really add any advantage, if at all

Thanks for the response! I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who finds the default settings frustrating, and it’s too bad that DxO doesn’t provide a way to opt out of this “new collection” setting. I’d gladly follow your instructions to code out the behavior, but I’m on macOS - maybe I could do something similar with Terminal…

On windows you go into the pluginmanager, find the DxO PL5 importer plugin, then you can do “show in explorer” to find the plugin folder. Might be something similar on a Mac. Anyway, it should be a human readable text file that you can open in any text editor. Find the line, comment it out, save and relaod the plugin. It’s in the function “TryToImportFromFile(fileName)”, somewhere near the end.

I can understand this collection thing can perhaps be useful for people who do batch processing or have set up a cloud sync, but when you process only individual files it just doesn’t make sense. Otherwise, just doing “export to application” is way faster and doesn’t need a code mod.

Late to this thread, but I tried this (cut and pasted from my file):

if #importedPhotos > 0 then
–addPhotosToNewCollection(catalog, importedPhotos)

And it doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions?

Sorry, spoke to soon. Works after reboot.

I ended up not installing the Lightroom plugins altogether, it’s much simpler to use a “Edit in…” lua script to get the file from LR into PL, then do “Export to application” in PL when done.