Library search incorrect

I don’t usually use the library search because I don’t use keywords, etc.

But, having just bought a new lens, I wanted to search for just those pictures taken with it.

The new lens is a 28-300mm Nikon.


The search shows 1342 hits, which is very odd since I haven’t yet taken 20 pictures with the lens.

I just closed and re-opened DxO and got 4512.

Prior to getting this new lens, I was using a 28-200mm Nikon Lens.

Any ideas?

Hello Joanna,
it’s the same in Windows. Searching for my 17-35/2.8 Lens doesn’t work. The search criteria 17-35mm also brings photos I have been taken with for example an Nikon Coolpix with 22mm focal length.
I couldn’t find any informations about search criterias like ‘17-35’ ore something else.
I asked for other search criterias in Search within Fotothek
Best regards

This is because DPL in that case is not looking for a specific lens but for all images for which the focal length is between 28 and 300mm.

Searching for (Canon EF) 17-40mm, DPL proposes to download three modules: Nikon and Sony stuff that I don’t have :crazy_face:

It looks like search cannot handle lens model names…

Is it possible you’ve downloaded images from others that used that gear?


Yes, from this forum. Two images, but I got three distinctly different modules to download…
Guess I have to trash the database :wink:

I just tried looking for a focal length of 300mm but didn’t get any results.

I must say that, overall, the search functionality is not well thought through, so I shall simply revert to ignoring it again :wink:

I just tried a search. You are searching for a focal range. I don’t think you can select a lens. Searching for 28-200 selects images taken with a focal length between 28 and 200.

Just played some more with the search.
I also get strange advice to download a Canon module while I don’t have Canon. They all seemed to be jpg files, made from a nef by pl.


Lenses are problematic because I believe they are a company product. EG I have lens 50. Used on camera body 1 it has an internal code and returns 50, but used on camera 2 it may return Dx50 … camera 3 50mm1.8 and so on. There is no consistent lens information because the same lens on different bodies will give different values…

yes to all statements, but…the informations exist within the metadata anywhere inside the DXO database.
I can see it :eyeglasses::grinning:Meta
So why not searchable with ‘and’ ‘or’ statements.
for all cameramodel ‘E-M5MarkII’ where ‘focal length’ is 42mm (I’m not a scripter :sunglasses:)
That’s the only question!

I’ve wrote a request in “Which feature do you need” Library search must be more comfortable
So please vote if its necessary for you

That’s one of the problems with PL: the interface. Why not showing a window with the possibilities out of which you can make your choise in stead of a popdown menu where the possibilities are shown depending on your first character.
A window with shown possibilities is easy expandable with .AND. and .OR. options. And one knows at one glance what’s possible.
Yes, lens and camera names are known by PL.


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Dear George, that’s what I wrote.
Maybe some DXO staff can make a statement why it’s not and when it will be implemented.
So voting will bring some steam to the caldron (don’t know if it’s correct english, because it’s an german saying :exploding_head: )

I’m Dutch but I can figure out what you mean :wink: