Library search must be more comfortable

Hello, like described here Library search incorrect I think all the data you see in the Metadata must be also searchable.
So the data like Manufacturer, Lens, focal length and so on will be assign within a list field, and then I can put some parameters I want to search for .
for example
Camera Manufacturer > Nikon
Lens Model> Nikon
focal length>85mm
…so I get all pictures I made with prime Lens like 85/1.8 and 80-200/2.8 where I choose the 85mm

focal length range to choose like 70-105 mm would be nice, but not necessary

Thanks a lot

Hi @Guenterm,

yes, I miss that – also can’t reduce the search to ONE specified folder
(don’t always want the ‘result’ from the entire partition, but be able to chose/select from where to start).


A form in which we can see the searchable variables at once and with an ‘AND’ relation.


DxO loads a correction module for each camera/lens you use.
Why can’t it provide a menu/dropdown list of all loaded correction modules so you can select to see all images to which that correction would apply?