Lens Sharpness DxO

My Lens Sharpness is grayed out and I am unable to sharpen any images. The correct Optics Modules are downloaded but no luck. I know this was a problem for people in the past. I am working on a Mac. Any suggestions?

have you turned on the little switch left of “Lens Sharpness”?

Are you perhaps working on a JPG?

That button won’t go on. It stays grayed out and I cannot slide it on.

I am working with RAW files, not JPGs.

Hi, Lisko!
If you are using a Sony A7RM2 (ILCE-7RM2) camera body, DxO Photolab currently does not support any functions based on the Optics Modules.
Sony A7RM2 problem

I am using a Nikon z9. The module for the camera is downloaded. I definitely used Lens Sharpness in the past. No idea what I did to lose it…haha!

But is the module for the lens you are using also downloaded? PL needs both the camera body AND the lens to be supported, see here:

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Are there any symbols of lens compatibility problems in the upper right corner of “light table view” in the Picture Library? Have you clicked on that?

From my experience the inactivation of “Lens correction” has an interlock with the used lens. If the lens you have used is not supported by Photolab or it is a conflict between your lens and another one, you might have to help Photolab to choose the one Photolab is supposed to use. Dont´t forget to check the checkbox to use your choice for all pictures you have taken with that lens too. Otherwise, you will be forced to do this operation several times more.

From time to time I myself have been forced to verify that it is one of my Sony-lenses that have been used and not a similar Sigma or Tamron with a similar focal length.

I can add the following too: When looking into the EXIF Tools metadata as displayed from another image by XnView the following can be seen:


There is the more common “Lens info” that DXO might read and confuse with both Tamron and Sigma I guess but the second line is pure proprietary and exclusively Sony “G” is a lens line and OSS is what Sony uses for Optical Steady Shot lens stabilisation. So I can´t really understand why this is still a problem with Photolab and its lens profiles.


Thanks. I had most of my lenses but was missing the module for this specific one. I added that lens and all good! Unfortunately it kept crashing. I finally gave up, upgraded to Version 7 and dumped 6. After cleaning out my Cache I have DxO back working properly again…thank heavens.


Great to hear that the problem got solved!