Leica M10-R and M10-M RAW support

Hello. I was wondering if there was a sense yet for an ETA on RAW support for the latest Leica M10-R and M10-M cameras. I appreciate the current covid environment doesn’t help. Also I take the opportunity to thanks the DxO team for such a wonderful software and all the efforts put in the webinars/educational videos. Great work!

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Thank you for the appreciation of our work. About

Let me ask @Marie to provide the info about them.

Svetlana G.


Leica M10-M is not planned.
I’m trying to get a M10-R so we can add its support. Ill keep you informed.


Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated! I wish I live in Paris and would have provided mine. Fingers crossed you can get one.

Thank you for the help!

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Is it because Monochrom cameras has different sensor / processing ?

Any update on M10-R support?

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I’d also be interested in an update.


Very bad news, this camera is just the must of what can be captured in B&W. Still unbelievable all that with the Nik Suite it could offer the best tools for B&W photographer and Art photography.
Just for your information I created a list for wishing support of unsupported raw here Wish list to support old raw files by DXO #photo archive matter and don’t forget to vote by clicking on the button “Vote” below the title.

DxO uses information from the different color channels to work their PRIME magic. Therefor they don’t support Leica Monochrom cameras. But the M10-R camera is a different issue. As Marie has stated above, the issue is finding a camera to test. I for one am very excited to get DxO and PRIME noise reduction back for my new camera.

As answered in another thread, DXO should not curb our use of PL just because of one feature. If PRIME can not be supported because of a specific de-mosaic algorithms or any other arguments Whatever ! We should be able to use 99,99% of the rest of PL without PRIME.

Unfortunately, PRIME is what I find most useful when doing RAW conversion. It is what sold me on DxO in the first pace. The only other thing I use DxO for is fixing parallel lines, primarily of architecture. Ironically, Leica has just added the feature WITHIN THE CAMERA to automatically correct for this problem. And it’s actually pretty cool. But nothing equals DxO PRIME noise reduction, IMO.

Well most people would drop PhotoLab because their camera is not supported… I just dropped my (supported by PhotoLab) Leica camera :joy: