Leica first camera to support CAI and C2PA - when will Photolab support C2PA-files

We got a link from the well known photo journalist Carl Siebert in Camera Bits Forum where C2PA and the support for Content Credentials are discussed.

First Camera With CAI Content Credentials Introduced - CARL SEIBERT SOLUTIONS

Leica Launches World’s First Camera with Content Credentials — Content Authenticity Initiative

That article also illustrates how Adobe Photoshop (Beta) now can handle C2PA-certified files and the Content Credential dialogs and being a good member in a C2PA-certified workflow without breaking the certification of these images.

Another interesting article has been written by Petapixel recently that goes deeper into these questions and discusses what this means for the media industry and the companies that want to be a part of this development and their customers and users.

Cameras, Content Authenticity, and the Evolving Fight Against AI Images | PetaPixel

My camera Sony A7 IV has been used in the tests Sony has done together with Associated Press and Camera Bits (PhotoMechanic Plus) recently and will be one of four Sony Cameras to support this new Authenticy and Provenance tech in 2024. I would very much like to be able to continue to use Photolab in workflows like this but I could not find DXO is the list of software companies supporting CAI. So I really wonder what plans DXO has for Photolab and us users for 2024. Shall we be prepared to migrate to Lightroom or Camera Raw in order to be able to use C2PA-workflows??

Members — Content Authenticity Initiative