Laptop ~ buying refurbished but specs very limited?

I would welcome some insights on this.

All my post processing is done on my desktop PC but a need has come for a laptop for travelling but I cannot justify the cost of a high spec one…!

I need a max of 14 inch screen (to fit in my carry-on luggage) with enough storage to backup my image files as needed. NB as I see it I need at least a 1 TB dive for the OS, Programs & Data, and best to have at least an i5 CPU

In regard to other specs, ideally I want to use my ‘second seat’ (IIRC PL purchase allows for two seats?) to do some basic editing to appraise the copied files but should not need the “heavy lifting” of Deep Prime.

Of the makes I have found almost all have Intel onboard graphics but one has a GTX 1080 Mobile 2GB VRAM.

I am in the UK and have looked on various refurb sites including Dell and Lenovo

Lastly, and hopefully I can find a suitable one in “A” grade condition for a max of £400 - 500 from a supplier who offers at least a 1 year warranty???

TIA for the replies and insights/suggestions:)

Unless you are prepared to wait for at least 4-5mins for a DeepPRIME export, and even longer for a XD export, you must get a machine with a dedicated GPU. A GTX 1080 is old but even so it will bring down DeepPRIME, and XD, export times to something more bearable, perhaps around 30 seconds.

Battery life will always be the weak bit of a refurb. laptop. Having said that, I’ve not got a good word to say about the battery life on a brand new Lenovo. So much so, I’m never going to buy another Lenovo.

Several years ago I bought a refurb. desktop PC from this company:

The SSD died within a few weeks but they handled my complaint quickly and without fuss. The replacement SSD has been flawless. Last year when I was looking for a laptop, I checked them out but didn’t buy a refurb. laptop from them because the best they would say about battery life was that it would be at least 1 hour.

A good point about the GPU but FWIW before my new PC build I used the GTX 1050Ti and it was OK in regard to speed but the RTX 3060 showed how sloe the older GTX really was :slight_smile:

As mentioned I am not looking to significant PPing on the laptop i.e. nothing other than image appraisal and test edits (excluding NR other than ‘impressions’ of the NR potential with what the laptop will handle). NB the GPU really comes into play when exporting the edited file but even with an underpowered GPU will the preview still show sufficient information re: NR potential?

As for Microdreams that was not one I came across but they have impressive credentials with their MAR accreditation. Their HP ProBook G6 has some appeal with its Intel UHD Graphics 620 ? And that they offer a configurator to add to the specs to improve its usefulness.

Food for thought ???

Yes, before I fitted a GTX 1050ti to my desktop editing / previewing was fine but exporting was sloooooow.

Looking around the site you linked there is the HP ProBook G6 and the DELL Latitude 5401
The Dell has the Intel UHD Graphics 630 vs the 620 on the HP???

Hi Laurence

Are you sure about this? Thought GTX 1080 always had 8GB VRAM. Likely to be too power hungry to be practical for travelling anyway.

I’d be more concerned about the quality of the screen - especially with a used one. Colour reproduction capabilities might be completely inadequate.

Intel 620 vs 630 is unlikely to make a difference. As you will be relying completely on CPU for processing, go for the more powerful CPU (I’d place best screen on top of the list).

Also do a web search for refurbed laptop. Plenty of UK based sellers to chose from.

In regard to the HP and the Dell mentioned the:-

HP has the i5-8265U (introduced in Q3 2018) compared to the Dell and its i5-9400H (introduced in Q3 2019)

The 9400H wins here
UserBenchmark: Intel Core i5-8265U vs i5-9400H

Yes, I have found there are lots of refurbishers but few it seems sell directly i.e. most who sell refurbed are the shop fronts for other non selling refurbishing companies.

Microdreams AFAIK in my searches of what they do standout as having an industry accredited status…FWIW

FWIW, one of the other accredited sites (with a few more accreditations if that’s important to you), has one on the lower end of your budget with an i7-1185G7 (for example).

Purely IMO if reputation of supplier is important it has merit in knowing that (if this happens) it is externally monitored compared to others who have their own internal standards. NB in the case of the former should they not perform there is(?) and avenue to report them to the external company?

No doubt there are some that, based on their history and real user experience reviews, have a reputation for service.

Would you please care to say which seller you are referring to? :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that a laptop GPU in a laptop will (typically) be slower than a similarly named desktop GPU.

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Yes, such is my reading of this :slight_smile:


Sadly the one I mentioned is no longer in stock (there was 1 left yesterday - Dell Latitude 7420 - Intel Core i7-1185G7 - 16GB RAM - 500GB SSD for £425).

Is that seller worth keeping an eye on? If so do please let me know who they are?

What is your budget and country/currency? That’s a core piece of info we need to give you meaningful advice.

If I was currently in the UK, I likely would.

Sorry, I missed that you had mentioned in your initial response.

I have had a quick gander there and for sure interesting. :slight_smile:

As mentioned in my OP, £400 - 500 :wink: in the UK :slight_smile:

Hi, whist talking about laptops, can any of you had experience with with Intel Ultra 7 laptop processor which comes with it’s own improved GPU. How the performance of this compare with dedicated GPU fitted to i7 laptops?

I never had good colors on my laptop so I never used it for serious editing.
And I wonder if a laptop can have good colors for serious editing.


Depends on the screen.

Some manufacturers (goes for desktop screens as well), may change the panel in used a model - keeping it within their initially advertised specs but taking it far from user experience with the first model (yes this is generic an applicable to other things).

In Workstation Laptop ranges, you’ll generally find models with good screens.