Lags & bugs about lens recognition with latest build (

After upgrading to the latest build (I don’t remember from which build I made the update, perhaps 28/29) I notice some issues :

  • the first was a general laggy software, I immediately felt it takes more time to do some basic operations that was made quickly in previous build, for instance the use of local adjustments with brush became really frustrating (this is only one exemple). In fact it is similar to the issue found in this thread : Generating preview but not only constrained to preview.

  • I recently purchase a nikon z6 I use with manuel zeiss lens, in the first days everything was working like a charm, the lens profiles were recognised and in the EXIF was mentioned the correct name of lens. Unfortunately with the latest build not only did the lens profile were not working anymore, displaying the “need to download lens profile symbol” on top right of picture although they were still downloaded and installed, but the name of the lens disappeared from the EXIF.

I would like to know if users have encountered similar issues with the latest build, it is really frustrating to use DxO PhotoLab at the moment. Is there an option to downgrade to more “stable” build ?


Hello Colion,

I do not have any speed problems with my Imac (late 2012)

I can not comment regarding nikon z6 as I do not have that camera


Thanks Sigi for the feedback, are you using the latest build of photoLab 2 (build 31), because it was really with this last build that these issues appeared :confused:

Hello Colion,

I do not have any speed problems with my PC (DPL V.2.2.2).

I’m using the nikon z6 model, everthing is working well.

Colion - yes, I am using the latest build

Ok, I succeeded to solve the second issue about lens profile but the solution is weird… by simply moving the RAW file to another file and opening them with PL no more symbol displaying a missing lens profile, that’s quite strange.

EDIT : Rename the folder works as well

Thanks Sigi, if it’s not solved with the next build I’ll contact the support.

Unsolved for almost 2 years, see my earlier post on this matter.

See my thread:

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Same problem.

Agreed, Build 31 seems to be a bit problematic. Slow, lagging updates when moving through images (one to the next), and slow or non-existent updates on the image after applying a change.