Jerky opening and closing of tabs

I do not understand why DxO seems to be the only software that is unable to have tabs open in a normal smooth movement. The tabs both open and close as though they are sticky and need a little jerk to come loose. Totally unimportant but it bugs me.

I have Essential Tools tab closed all the time. All those double places of the same slider makes the menu unneeded big , lots of scrolling to get around.
I am used to it now but understand why no.
I have most used tabs always open and extracted and got used to drag the side pole around al the time. much quicker then open and collapsing tools

Yes, good idea. Also I am now organizing things so that I do not have double items and I am also using both the left and right side to put items.

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We can also say that DPL is the most configurable software on the market :wink:

Yes, maybe, i use second screen for internet and help functions wile editing photo’s, but make them float can help also. In an other app i clicked on a button and the floating tool appears where i placed it earlier, it could be hiding and appearing controlled on the mainscreen.
DPL’s floating is the hole tab is floating, So entering is the same way but on your second screen. Geesh if i had a three screen system: left tools expanded, mid fullscreen image, left playground screen. :grinning:

When you say tabs do you really mean the tool palettes? The only tabs I am aware of in PhotoLab are the three in the Preferences window. With regard to the palettes they open and close instantly on my Windows 10 PC. No delay or stickiness of any kind. Maybe you’re referring to the Windows transitions that makes things slide open rather than pop open immediately? If so many people seem to like that effect, but in reality to accomplish that it the operating system actually slows things down a bit.


I have no duplications. I’ve created custom palettes for almost everything, removing duplications and putting things in the order I work. I also make use of both the left and right side for my palettes. I have individual tools configured and have crested a general starting point preset with all the settings I want as a default. These two images show all the palettes from top to bottom on both sides. The palettes on the left are primarily for the various distortions, horizon, perspective and and noise reduction. PhotoLab is very configurable and my set up means I rarely have to open a palette, and tools are generally in the order I like to apply them, and I keep almost all the tools in their expanded form. The palettes and tools I keep unexpanded are the ones I use infrequently and I’ve place them on the bottom so they are out of the way, like those on the bottom of the left side in the second image.


Hy, yes i am stil not dig in to that section, because i am sometimes searching for approach how to conquer a image i have all pallets active and turned off and collapsed the one’s i want to activate manually if i need or think to need them.
Essentials i collapsed because the tools are below also. (you used essentials for personalizing i think.)
I use also both sides, but collapsed PRIME because the small window is most of the time not needed. (i would like a floating window in the image which has applied PRIME not on the side in the tool if i need it.)
Ctrl F9 for hide tumbnails helps a bit, ( i can’t hover lower section to unhide temperaly for selection.(maybe in v2.7 lol)

This is how i start most of the time and is how my pallet mostly is when i runningthrough images.

comes to mind: that’s why i stil have all tools/pallets active:
stumbled on Focusing distance: this tool lets me choose range of focus. eh its in or out focus recorded(when taken image) so what can i accomplish with this tool?

When you say tabs do you really mean the tool palettes?

Yes, the palettes have subdivisions which you can open or close by clicking on a small triangle. This opening and closing is not smooth, it is jerky. I cannot believe that people actually would like that?

It took me a couple of hours to reconfigure everything to my liking. I spend a lot of time in PhotoLab Elite. I wanted to make it a comfortable place to live in like you would a home. Once configured I no longer have to fight the interface to get things done quickly and in the order I work. I’m able to apply settings much more quickly now. My requirements and editing preferences have occasionally changed a little the more I use PhotoLab and as a result I have made a few adjustments to my customized interface from time to time.


focal length and focal distance don’t work on my PL, never understand why it was there as I have not a single image that can be modified with this so its turned off.
another thing that is useless is the split toning, why is it there and cannot be use or modified, simple toning as 9 preset and only 4 can be selected.

You need to have Filmpack to have all.

By jerky do you meany instantaneous? The palettes pop open instantly by default. Are you also referring to the way Windows uses slow smooth transitions to slide open menus, text boxes and various windows? If so, as I said in my previous post that is accomplished by opening those objects up slowly, often with a sliding motion which does nothing but slow down the time it takes to open things. Its a special effect that’s applied by Windows and is one of the first things I turn off when I get a new computer.


Focusing distance and Focal length are required when distance information (tag EXIF) is not precise enough.
It is requested with my ultra wide angle lens with photos taken with short focus distance.
These informations are to refine the distirsion correction.

Split toning requires FilmPack.
I don’t know why you can see these options on Mac (not on Windows built).


I have PhotoLab Elite and Filmpack. Focusing Distance does not appear to be an option in the PC version.


i took the liberty to download your screenshots.
i will print them on A3 at work, so i use your vision on this matter by comparing my and yours.
(Normally hiding means forgetting its there, at least with me, I don’t spent every day in photolab so i am still exploring its potentials and learning about behaviours of its tools.)

I was used to this compact interface structure, just see what you are working on. bottom special tools are floating and placed where you like, second screen, beside the image.
less chaotic. also less configurable too. don’t know which is better, i am used to jerk the bar up and down searching for my tool. :slight_smile:
menu structure

Appears on Windows built only if requested.


What do you mean by “only if requested”? I don’t recall a setting for that?

What software is that compact menu structure from?


quote out manual:

Focal length and focusing distance

The lens focal length and focusing distance of a photo are recorded in the EXIF data of your images. However, this information is not always accurate. For example, different but close positions of the focal length ring (say, 17 and 18 mm) could result in the same value (say 18 mm) being recorded in the EXIF data. In this case, the distortion correction may be less than optimal. In the same manner, the focusing distance might be recorded in the EXIF data with insufficient precision, and similarly lead to an imprecise correction. In both cases, to improve the effectiveness of the optical corrections, you can provide more accurate values in one (or both) of the rollups that appear in the Geometry palette:

  • Focal length : Use the slider to specify the lens focal length.
  • Focusing distance : Select a range for the focusing distance in the drop-down menu, then fine-tune with the slider.

The Focal Distance and Distance focusing sliders are permanently displayed in the OS X version, and appear automatically in the Microsoft Windows version.

Still don’t understand what it does exactly. The help manual isn’t elaborating so to speak.
That is stil a major thing: to slim explanation how things work and how you can use it along other tools. (We posted earlier about which tools interfear/effect each others automated settings and what they actual are using to accomplish its out come.)