Jerky opening and closing of tabs

Silkypix 7 pro

Re-read my post :wink:

A question for you.
What is your screen size and definition.
I take a look on the zoom value from your screen shot; 31% and 50% for the entire image.

Some effects of image definition corrections are only visible in preview with a zoom at least of 75%.
To obtain a faster display at lower ratios, some corrections (noise reduction, dead pixels, moiré, accentuation, chromatic aberration, …) are not activated.

Two panels on each sides “eat” your workspace !


I have a 28" 4K monitor, (approx. 71 cm). I can always temporarily close the left side to get me more room if I need it. Most of the work is done with the right side palettes. My images are usually displayed at around 50%.


With a 4K screen you should have a better image definition.
Do you use the Windows display scale ?

Take a look on this


I am on a Mac (iMacPro) Jerky is the opposite of instantaneous.

Cheers, Bob.

Here is a movie showing the jerkiness.

We had a discussion about this a while back and I have things set up as you suggested. After careful configuration and testing when viewed at 100% 1 pixel on my monitor equals 1 pixel on my images. The 31% you referred to is not my image. Mine are shown with the image displayed at 50%.


yes, i did “These informations are to refine the distirsion correction.”
just kidding: :yum:
Ok as far as i understand your comment, i can correct wrong exif data from the rawfile and say alter a angle so DxO can recalculate the distortions?
(i did observed some leftover barrel of my fz200 WA seen on doors and frames, and i need to correct this in manual mode.) So i can use "focallenght , if its appearing, to correct this?
What about focusing distance: i just choose my fysical distance between my frontlens and object, if i remember it , in this tool and dxo is reconfigure its distortioncorrection?
when i change from infinity to 0.65m i see change on my screen, optical bending is changing. Is that what you mean? it reconfigure its focalplane? Flattens the wall so to speak?
Do you use that often?

Yes i know, mostly seen with Chromatic abberation, that dissapears after zooming in.
i mostly use zooming for examining details. (third screen option as i said would be great. but i think my wife would be asking if i start to be overcompensate :joy: .)

That link does not work for me.


NO, only for short distances with my UWA lens


It is the link from the website, I just uploaded the file? It works for me, downloads an mp4 movie.

Here is mine win10 i7 4770 3.40Ghz 8gb 64bit

i have seen yours but i can’t get that on mine. (refreshingrate screen?)

I can’t explain why it doesn’t work for me, but clicking on it or even copying the link to a new tab in Chrome does nothing.