Issue with color management PL7

My issue may be in PL or as well in Win. Have tried to find the reason but yet not successfully.

Image developed with PL7. Looks as desired on the screen of PL7

When that image is exported as jpg:

  • looks as desired when opened with:
    • Microsoft Photos
    • Smart Photo editor
    • Potrait Pro
    • PL7 itself
  • looks washed out when opened with:
    • Microsoft Power Point
    • Fast Raw Viewer
    • Irfan View
    • Libre Office Draw
    • Microsoft Paint
    • Paint.Net

When the NEF file with DOP from PL7 are opened in PL6:

  • The image looks fully oversaturated and dark

When any TIF image exported from PL6 or PL7 to disk:

  • the image looks fully oversaturated and dark when opened in Microsoft Photos
  • the image looks as should when opened in other software tested
    (This was noticed already with PL6):

WIN11, PL 6 and 7 Elite,

Has anybody anything to say regarding this? Something must be wrong in color management - but what and where?

Never do this. DOP files are not retro-compatible.

For everything else, what profile are you exporting with?

post a screen shot of your FRV preferences → “Color Management” tab

To reassure you; your issue will not be due to PL’s handling of colour management … the cause will be something else.

As Joanna notes, PL handling of sidecars/.dop files is not backwards compatible (for obvious reasons). PLv6 would have ignored the PLv7 dop-file - and simply applied your default preset.

Which ICC Profile did you specify when exporting to JPG ?

  • Does it match your screen capabilities ?
  • Did you apply soft-proofing prior to exporting ?
  • Do you have “Preserve color details” option selected ?

“When the NEF file with DOP from PL7 are opened in PL6”
This I was only testing in search for clue. TIF from PL6 and PL7 have always come out the contrary way: highly oversaturated and dark. The new “phenomenon” with PL7 jpg gives the contrary: washed out and light. There must be a shift somewhere that takes the output either way from what I see when editing in PL.

“For everything else, what profile are you exporting with?”
sRGB IEC61966-2.1 for export
DxO Wide Gamut for editing in PL7

I do not quite buy that. Why do TIF files change to oversaturated and dark but jpg created in PL6 (and earlier) come out as shown on the PL screen? And why has it now changed to show jpg:s washed out but tif:s perfect when using PL7? And the outcome is related to the software used when viewing the image. There seems to be a shift with luminosity and saturation that “jumps” between two settings.


Testing with one image in “virgin mode” (no DOP) on PL6. No problems, the image comes out as exported from PL6 and looks the same in all software’s tested.
The issue must be related to using PL7 but not PL6. Some setting either in PL or WIN?

The question remains; Which ICC Profile did you specify for your export to disk ?

From the Color Mngt details that I can see you have specified for FRV, I can assume that your screen is sRGB capable … So, is that what you specified in your ICC Profile entry ?

  • Like this: image … ?

Initially sRGB,

I now experiment with different profiles.
“Same as Soft Proofing” seems to make a difference. Testing is going on at the moment.

Yes … Also suggest you set Soft Proofing on, and leave it on … (this is the best way to work when your output is to digital image file) … then you’ll be seeing exactly what you’ll be getting - - assuming you have correct ICC Profile specified in Soft Proofing.

in FRV color management is disabled - so naturally the results you are facing …

“Same as Soft Proofing” seems to have solved the issue. Same goes for ticking the “Enable Color Management” in Fast Raw Viewer. My images do come out as seen on PL screen in different software - including tif in “Microsoft Photos”.

I checked all my software and ticked respective choices to enable color management and soft proofing along the workflow.

I thank all of you again for your assistance. It is marvelous to be member of this community. I hope I too could be helpful for someone.

Suggestion to DxO: Pls. supply a webinar or other training about color management.
Now back to work!

Regards from Finland, the land of Santa Claus


Take care with browser too. Some are color managed, some not. FF by example is color managed but you’ve to turn it on. If they didn’t change it.


Hi Klaus,
should you like to delve further …
[ my post (part of a reply) got stuck there, but concerns Windows ]

Not every program / viewer can fully handle color management.
If everything is properly set up the preview then shows the right color,
but not necessarily the so-called thumbnails.


Hi Wolfgang,
I’d be glad to continue discussion and experience exchange regarding color management. It sure is not my strongest skill in photography so anything will improve.


Yes, feel free to ask questions … as long I can help. :slight_smile:

It’s an old one but still ok Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » Digital-Image Color Spaces, Page 1: Introduction
On page 2 you can test if your browser is color managed.


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Good to hear you’ve solved your problem/issue, Klaus.

I really strongly recommend that you take this approach …