Is Lightroom integration planned for PureRAW?


I wanted to try out PureRAW but was immedately surprised that there doesn’t seem any lightroom integration. Even more so, since PL4 installs an “Export to PL” plugin into lightroom. Is there an addon planned that is like a 1-click lightroom integration. It should do something like

  1. Load selected photos into pureraw
  2. apply the conversion
  3. store the dng in a reasonable place
  4. re-import the dng into lightroom
  5. optional: stack with original (new dng front)
  6. optional: copy editor adjustment to dng

There should probably be batch support for the whole operation.

I would not want to apply pureraw to all my images in lightroom, nor would i want to search all images where i want to apply it on disk.

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Hi Thomas.

Following the “Process Photos” step, there’s an option to “Export to …


Is this not what you’re asking for ?

John M

Hi John,

thanks for your reply. That is already a pretty cool feature, but it still requires me to somehow get photos into PureRaw first.

Think about coming back from a huge photo trip (like several thousand pictures). I would not want to send all those photos to PureRAW. That would waste cpu time and a lot of sporage space.

Instead, I want to pre-select pictures in lightroom (which I use as DAM tool), rank and tag them. And only then I want to send my picks to PureRAW. Ideally this works directly from Lightroom.
After PureRAW is done processing the pictures, it would help if they are not just added back into the catalog, but retain the tagging and sorting of the original images.

Maybe the broader question is: What is a good workflow when working with a lot of photos and not just <20 in a single folder like in the example video.

Does that make any sense?

It does, Thomas - but I’m not a LR user, so I can’t really help you … but I’m sure there’ll someone reading this who can (?)

John M

On a mac, it seems that you can drag and drop from lightroom to PureRaw.

On a PC, if you have a folder with 200 images and you want to send 20 of them to pureraw, it will be a nightmare.
There’s clearly a need for better integration (and to be able to generate dng in the original folder, and with a better naming :slight_smile: )

Agreed, on a PC there is no easy way to get images from LR into PureRAW. From PureRAW to LR there is is an option to export to LR the finished results.

Why can’t you simply export the selected images from LR to a work-in-progress folder, and then open those files with PR ? … Am I not understanding something ?

John M

As far as I know, there is no way to export a batch of RAW files to another folder in LR. The Export function usually converts to other formats, such as JPG, TIFF, etc.

Here is a workaround I found for us Windows users that are tired of clicking “Open in Explorer” and then dragging the file from there to PureRaw:

  1. Go to Open Directly - open files directly into 3rd party app and download the plugin. Follow the instructions for installing into LR. The plugin is a bit pricey, but it supports using one app as nagware.

  2. In LR, go to File/Plug-in Extras in the menu and choose “Open directly”. Click OK on the “trial version” message and you will get to the config screen for the plugin. In row 1, add “C:\Program Files\DxO\DxO PureRAW\PureRawv1.exe” and click OK.

  3. Select the photos you want to process with PureRaw and select “File/Plug-in Extras/Quick” (under the Open Directly section.) The images you selected will then be opened in PureRaw, ready for processing.

Once the images are processed, I haven’t had much luck with the “Export to Lightroom Classic” option in PureRaw. What I do instead, is go back to LR and right-click on the folder they came from and select “Synchronize Folder”. Since the PureRaw images are in a “DxO” subdirectory, the synchronize finds them and imports them. A cool feature of this workflow is that my edits to the original RAW file get included in the PureRaw DNG (except the noise reduction and sharpness edits, of course!)

I am hoping that DxO will write a plug-in that can do what “Open Directly” does. I don’t use PhotoLab, but it appears that it has such a plug-in (see step 2 in Workflow DxO Photolab & Adobe Lightroom - DxO ).

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Yes, you are not understanding that is not possible in Lightroom. There is no export in Lightroom from a RAW file to another RAW file.

Ah - OK. It seems @TonyR has the answer for you … above.

John M

The way I have discovered is to R-click on the image in LR grid view and select show in explorer. This then opens an explorer window with the file highlighted. Then R-click that highlighted file and select open with DxO PureRaw. After that it is the “standard” PureRaw workflow.

That seems to work reasonably well as a workflow.

However, I have not tried it with multiple files yet.

Hope that helps



I would also love to see a better Lightroom integration. Other programms do also support it to send the original to an application (like Luminar or Aurora HDR, which have an option under Export, to send source files to external application).

That is very interesting. Do you know how lightroom does it? I would have expected that the newly found images are considered as separate images and are just imported with the default adjustments.

I wonder why they didn’t give us a good Lightroom integration like i.e. HeliconFocus does. With their plug-in, it is possible,to send several raws to an external applikation, process the raws and reimport the resulting DNG directly into LrC. This is what I expect to get.
Best wishes Robert

The adjustments you make in Lightroom are stored in a separate file from the RAW files. Adobe calls these “sidecar” files and they have the suffix “.xmp”. PureRAW cannot store its processing back into a RAW file (which are camera-vendor specific), so it stores the result in a DNG file. In the Adobe RAW-to-DNG converter, they take the sidecar .xmp adjustments and store them directly in the DNG file. That’s one of the reasons Adobe invented DNG so that the image and the adjustments are all in one file.

My guess is that PureRAW is also copying the .xmp file into the output DNG, minus adjustments for sharpness, noise reduction, and lens correction.

Lightroom makes it transparent whether the adjustments come from the .xmp file for native raw or within the DNG file.

  • Tony

Actually that would work for me on a selective basis, If I’m doing the conversion in bulk I just open the folder in Explorer, after the conversion PR let it export them all back to the DxO folder under the original folder. Then just drag and drop the ones I want to keep into the parent folder and delete the DxO subfolder when done. This also allows me to stack the DNG files with the Original RAW (NEF) files in LR which is not possible if they do not reside in the same folder.

Tried this in order to see how it works (the long way)

Come back from trip

  • Import all images into Lightroom

Select images and export for processing with PureRaw

Process in PureRaw

Import in Lightroom

  • Quit the import dialog
  • Sync original folder
  • Delete duplicate raw files that were created by the export function
  • DONE

The shorter way: Is Lightroom integration planned for PureRAW? - #11 by Grumpy_Hec

  • does not work with a selection of more than one file (on Mac)

Hi Thomas,

I developed a Lightroom - DxO PureRAW plug-in (LRPureRAW) which is roughly what you were asking for. Stacking is not included, but you can use the auto stacking functionality of LR by setting the time difference to 0.
In the you will find everything you need for usage and installation.



Please see my recent post on topic of “corrupt” files (on input to DXOPR). LR requires ACR. DXOPR won’t process files that have been “adulturated” by any other photo-editing application, such as ACR, LR, etc. This is a problem. Thanks.