Drag & Drop from Windows LR Classic to PureRaw Not Working

I cannot drag & drop images from my (Windows 10) Lightroom Class library onto my PureRaw window. The image icon changes to a circle-backslash (prohibited) symbol when my mouse reaches the PureRaw window.

Hi @ColinOatley
This seems to be related to the OS (Windows 10 in your case) and not to PureRAW.

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Thanks! Has anyone seen this drag & drop feature work on a Windows computer? All the videos show it working on Mac computers.

In one of those videos (have a look at the YT video below…) it’s clearly stated that the ‘drag & drop’ trick from LR is not allowed in Windows.

For instance, even if you have Photoshop, Lightroom will not allow you to drag a picture out to drop it into Photoshop, while on mac I can easily do it (and it opens up the Adobe Camera Raw window). On Windows, you can clearly see that as soon as you drag your thumbnail out of LR, you have the “forbidden” icon.

Thanks (especially for providing a link to the relevant point within the video)!

It’s disappointing that this feature doesn’t work on Windows computers. Clicking the “+ Add photos to process” button in the PureRaw app is clumsy in comparison.

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I think Adobe is the one that needs to implement the drag-and-drop feature that they enabled for MacOS.

Here is a workaround workflow for Windows that I posted in another discussion. Much better than the “Find in Explorer” and drag from there.

If I can find the time and get motived to learn the LUA language, I’ll see about writing a PureRAW-specific plugin.

  • Tony

right your are. I wrote a LR plug-in, which allows to export a DNG/RAW to DxO PureRaw.
See readme.md for details and installation. Feel free to use it.

Hi, when I use the plugin to export a photo from LrC to PureRAW, it additionally sends the original RAW file to the subfolder too before PureRAW processes the file. So for each photo (photo.cr3) in LrC I end up with 2 new files in the subfolder: photo.dng + photo.dng_DxO_DeepPRIME.dng

Any idea how to prevent the duplicate photo.dng? Removing the checkbox from “Embed Original Raw File” doesn’t seem to have any effect.