Is is possible to mask an area to be excluded?

I have this photo. I’d like to mask out the log, the bird, and the turtle and then make changes to the background and foreground. Is that possible? I tried changing everything and then using the eraser to mask out the subject but that did not work well.


Will not the “invert mask” option work?

![Screenshot 2021-06-13 at 12.17.53|146x500]


Hi @Soundchasr,
with a subject like this (similar colours, crossing lines …) you need a tool, where you can mask precisely. To do so in PL 4 is somewhat difficult at present – depending on what you are going for.

Some time ago, I suggested to improve the manual masking options (combine masks, enable to draw straight lines with the brush / eraser etc). to make life easier. :slight_smile:
For these cases I prefer to use a pen tablet – see Contest: Can PL be used to simulate lighting from flash for portrait shots ?! - #30 by Wolfgang

have fun, Wolfgang

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Hi @Soundchasr,
Welcome to the forum!

In your case, I’d start with the Auto brush painting over the bird/log/turtle. Then I’ll invert the mask, in the layer palette (auto brush is a powerful tool which is often overlooked…)

Let me know.


Use saturation to 0% , grey, so you can see what’s selected.
Alt ctrl, never remember which for eraser mask and adding just paint again.
Works quite wel

at home tested: ctrl and scrolling wheel mouse is size masking brush.
alt is eraser. alt ctrl scroll mouse is size erasor

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Thank you everyone this helps a lot. I was able to auto mask and then invert. Now I’m able to work with it.

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I’m happy to hear that :wink:

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