Is FujiFilm X-Trans support for PureRaw just vaporware now?

It’s been months now since initial release and 1 update. But still no X-Trans support. Glad I didn’t spring for the update (but you probably would take my money though)

You realise this is a user to user group. DxO staff may look in but there-again they may not.

Today, DxO’s response:

Thanks for contacting DxO.

Work on this is still continuing, and at present there’s no definite information about when X-Trans images will be supported for use with DeepPRIME XD2.

Today marks 3 months since the launch of XD2 technology, when DxO promised Fuji X-Trans support “coming soon”…

DxO have a great sense of humor…

Being a Fuji shooter I am watching this with interest. I do not expect to upgrade again until it is remedied. Indeed I now question DxO’s ethics and it might be that this is the end of the road for me.

They finally support the X100VI with the latest update in DeepPrime mode at least. After trying it, it seems to suck immensely. Photos actually get less sharp after applying it on most photos, even on the strongest sharpening setting. Totally unusable.

New version 4.2.1 was released today and still without Fuji X-Trans support…

DxO is lying to users, they promised X-Trans support “coming soon”, it has been running for 4 months and nothing!