Internal Error (Correction failed on the Execute Stage)

Please report it to support

I will raise the matter with support.

They are NOT ! the same.
How one could think NVidia would deliver two versions with different names which are the same ? euh ??? Just for fun ?

Those who say that should think a little before they speak.

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I have now raised a support ticket with DxO.

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Had a new one using a diffrent tool, of cause load the debug program and it worked perfectly for 4 more imiges.

New version hasnt done anything for this, the first image had the error so as it was very infrequent could be worse!

I noticed that the problem appears when the preview of the noise reduction remained black and that the animated circular arrow don’t stop to turn.

not had that one though had a good range of them mostly using apply preset.

Not horribly surprised by this. I submitted a ticket on 1/19 and gave the debug info on 1/25. Haven’t heard anything since.

DXO support doesn’t have a stellar track record with me. I submitted a ticket for a problem with dropped EXIF data in PhotoLab 4. Despite providing them lots of data (before/after files, EXIF dumps, etc.), it sat for two years before they came back and apologized for the delay, wanting to know if I could reproduce the error. Sort of a silly question for a version of PhotoLab that was deprecated by two versions.

I’m hoping this isn’t a similar situation where they’re hoping the problem will just “go away”.

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I sent them one to day from the last edit on the old version. They must have had a lot sent in as I know lot of people have reported it to them (at least no one can get back claiming no one else has the problem).

Support thought yesterdays update was a hot fix for the error. Pointed out the first edit I did had the error and sent the RAW, dop and jpg. Not that I think that will do anything as its so totally random in which image, doing what and when it occurs .

Rather than improved the problem the new version appears to be geting it much more. Support asked again for an image that produced the error (can’t get though to them how random it is!) so I copied the last batch of RAWs, deleted the database and redid edits. The one that had the error last time no problem, but in just 6 images I then had it 2 times far more frequent than I have ever had before. But I must admit as its so random this may be just the randomness of the bug which I really hope it is as getting it so frequently is a pain.

What I don’t understand is why they apparently aren’t testing the code for this error. You and I have different cameras (or so I assume you don’t use a Pentax K-1 mk II or the Hasselblad that’s on certain DJI drones), so it’s not camera dependent and it’s occurring fairly frequently now so any extended amount of testing should trigger the bug.

On top of that, the error triggers a message, so it should be a pretty simple task to attach some sort of error dump to the code that shows the message, making the reproduction of the error unnecessary (because the user that reports the bug would already have the error log data they need).

I fear this is DXO support we are dealing with here! My cameras are Sony a6000 and a6700. The bug effects either one and number of lenses. I dont think camera or lenses are the problem there may be computer hardware, drivers or… I have had 2 different studeo drivers and more than that mouse ones since they managed to introduce the bug so where the problem is? But as you say so many have it why they can’t reproduce it is at best odd.

I have the same problem from time to time when zooming. as the programme does not close, you can zoom out again and then continue working anyway. I use an AMD graphics card.

Having this problem occasionally when I zoom in on a local correction. As I could no longer zoom out using my mouse wheel, I got things working again by deleting my corrections, zooming out then undoing my delete.

However, my new workaround is to select the zoom level from the drop-down at the top of the interface. That unfreezes Photolab.

Unfortunately, once it’s decided I can’t zoom in, I can’t try again without retriggering the error.

It’s pretty disruptive to the work flow. I hope I’m wrong about DXO, since I’ve heard nothing from them since they acknowledged the log data I sent them when I had their debug module loaded, I’m not so sure they’re all that worried about it.

Support have had me test a new 7.4 build that in my test, 15 images, I didn’t get the error. The images used have always had the error when testing with them before, though not the same one each time! So if they haven’t told you as well it might be worth downloading it from your account and trying it (as its a miner build change it has to be run as a repair (and my one wanted a reboot)

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Thank you John, that’s reassuring news. I’ll have a look for the download.

I couldn’t find any mention of it in my account so maybe it’s a ‘just for you’ fix. Hopefully your feedback will lead to a timely public release.