Interactive Batch processing : Danger

It is too easy to inadvertently process multiple images upon selecting multiple images in the image browser.

Example scenario:
Open an image
Select the crop tool
Hit Control-A on the keyboard (inadvertently)
Use the crop tool
Result: all images in the image browser are cropped on the go.

Suggestion: (** edited**) Unless user makes an explicit choice to apply edits to a set of images, tool settings should only be effective on the image being displayed.

I often want to apply the same settings to multiple images. I like the ability to select multiple images before I do so. It is especially useful for batch renames. I have used DXO PhotoLab virtually every day for the last 3 years and have never once accidentally applied settings to multiple images inadvertently. While it is certainly possible to do so, I don’t really see it as much of a problem.



The current behavior is well adapted to apply the same correction to selected images.

If we change this, there could be a lot of actions which could ask for a confirmation or whatever…
It’s not a big deal to just pay attention when we use Ctrl+A.

And if we make the error we can still redo th Ctrl+A and remove it.

Hi Pierre - - I’ve had some unfortunate experience with this “gotcha” too … It’s happened to me when I’ve selected multiple images for export - and have then gone on to apply a correction (usually the crop tool, like you) without realising I still have multiple images selected.

However, like Mark & Patrick, I still think this is a valuable feature/capability that I would not wish to see removed. Instead, I have learned to be careful when selecting multiple images - and to de-select them once I have completed my multi-image action.

Note: If this does happen to you again, as soon as you realise; don’t de-select the images - instead, use Ctrl+Z to undo the action(s)

Regards, John M


I agree with Mark, John and Pathal and would not like this changed.


Hi everyone, at least there should be a warning dialog with the user such as " do you want to apply the setting / correction to 53 images "

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I rely upon the ability to select multiple images and apply corrections all at once. I mostly do this with exposure-bracketed images and images that will be stitched together (and so have consistent exposure and focus). It’s important to pay attention to the image browser. If selecting all images by accident is the problem, then may I point out a different solution (already in the backlog) that leaves current functionality intact?

I would accept a one-time warning, though, with an option to “not show this again.” :smiley:


That is probably the best solution here :+1:t3:


Yes it is the best solution.


Sorry but I side with Mark on this one, I use the existing multi-select/batch processing extensively as part of my workflow and have rarely made a mistake (and when I have its very easy to revert). I also copy and paste correction settings, but far less frequently as its less convenient. I see a valid use case for both, but working with several images in a batch is the approach that I primarily use as for me its a far smoother workflow.


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There are some ideas here


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I revised the proposal to still allow this way of working

Having made the mistake several times, it isn’t quite that simple. For example, if you changed exposure and a couple of other things, whilst mistakenly having all still selected, you can’t revert all images to their setting, as far as I’m aware.

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G’day, Mike … A couple of (hopefully, helpful) points;

I’ll assume you’ve had this experience after selecting multiple images for some specific purpose (such as Export to Disk) and not because you’ve unwittingly pressed the Ctrl+A key-combo … In which case, you might like to follow what is now my workflow (to help me avoid making the same mistake):

  • Before I purposely select multiple images for "Export to … " I first press Ctrl+Tab, which switches PL into PhotoLibrary mode - wherein none of the correction modes are available.

If you do find you’ve made this mistake whilst still in Customise mode then don’t immediately un-select all selected images … instead, press Ctrl+Z to undo the bulk changes you’ve just made - You may need to do this multiple times, to match the number of unwitting bulk-changes you’ve made.

Regards, John M

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Thanks, John!
Yes, it’s not when exporting, it’s when I’ve wanted to batch effect sharpening or the like. Thanks for the tip on Ctrl-Z. I thought I had tried that and it didn’t undo the changes on all the photos, so I’ll give it a go again, when I next get forgetful! :roll_eyes:

Cheers, Mike

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