Keyboard Shortcuts - custom to performance work flow


In PL3 i have to ctrl+7 to add green flag , ctrl +8 to unflagged and ctrl+9.
I have ~2000-3000 photos every wedding.
The keys are incorrectly positioned, because after 200 photos flagged, my hand are hurt…what talking more? Hurt hurt…

ctrl+7 is really uncomfortable. We must click 2 keys, additionallyand ctrl and 7 they are far away from each other

Is possible to change this, to keys near way: for example

a - add flag
s - unflagged
d - delete flag

I think this is really friendly , near, intuitive positions .
Is possible to do custom shortcuts keys?

Why not multi-select then hit the keystroke once for all?

Try p, u and x…

@platypus doesn’t work.

I don’t have so long fingers to click ctrl + 7 . Who invented it ? Not person who working in this program.
This is really hard to working comfortable.

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I’m really surprise :thinking:
I like to do all this (0 to 9) with the numeric pad …
because of course, I have a large keyboard and two hands :wink:


Thank you for the feedback. This feature (customizable shortcuts) is in the backlog. So let me close the post to free the votes.

Svetlana G.