Insufficient distortion correction for 24mm lens (or what am I doing wrong?)

It’s the Sony FE 24mm f2.8 G, which I just bought for my A7IV. It has a lot of barrel distortion before correction, but PL doesn’t seem to fully correct curvature. OOC jpegs look fine from in-camera correct. ACR’s default profile for the lens also does a good job. But not so the PL6 correct … a lot of curvature remains. [And yes, I have downloaded and applied the correctly identified optics module]. Any ideas? First image is the default by ACR with corrections and the second is the PL6 version with corrections.

Obviously the correction is not taken into account.
Could you provide a raw so that we can see if it’s a general problem (eg bug with the optical module) or something else.

The correction is partially applied … just not enough. This is how bad the distortion is without distortion correction (photo 1) and after PL6’s attempt (photo 2). How to provide a raw?

To transfer a raw file, you can use a service such as Google Drive, or a site like WeTransfert or Swiss Transfer. (No risk with these sites)

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I think DXO PhotoLab does an amazing job at fixing optical problems, lens sharpness, and vignette on most lenses. I went to DPReview to find some RAW samples of the Sony FE 24mm f2.8 G to test it. Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G sample gallery: Digital Photography Review

And as far as I can see, DXO does a remarkable job of correcting the compromises Sony made with the lens optically to keep it compact and reasonably priced. Thanks to software corrections, especially by the DXO, I don’t think much is lost. Here are some samples: The lens is the Sony FE 24mm f2.8 G, and in some cases it was shot with the Sony a7C, and in other cases it was shot with the Sony a7RIV body.

Hmm. I wonder if there is in your preview wrong version chosen. In DXO PhotoLab 6 you can choose to preview corrected and uncorrected geometry version.

Also if you are exporting it as DNG to another application like C1 or ACR or Lightroom, its important that the profile correction is not double applied in that app as well as in DXO. Also when you export DNG you can choose if you want to export just demoseicing and denoising, or optical corrections as well.

Other than that, another thing that comes to mind is to make sure Volume Deformation is not turned on.

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Ok, here is a link to the raw file: RAW FILE (original)

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@MSmithy - thanks for your suggestions. I checked all of those things, and everything is set correctly. PL6 handles 24mm images from my 24-105mm zoom perfectly. I do think it’s specific to this lens (which has really extreme distortion before correction).

ACR corrects the image properly (I think DPreview uses Lightroom for processing, which is the same thing under the hood). The jpegs come out of the camera properly corrected. And I can correct the image manually in PL6 (my workaround) with the correction for barrel distortion set to around 70. But it would be nice to have the corrections profile do this …

Thanks - I"ve provided a Raw file elsewhere in this thread

Yes – checked with your raw-file.

May I suggest to pass it on to @Marie to have a look.

OK, I’ll do that…

Thanks for the RAW file. I tried it. I know that Sony a7IV and Sony 7aC with lens Sony FE 24mm f2.8 G corrects everything correctly, since I’ve tried it with samples from DPreview. But your image, indeed cannot be correctly properly. I am not sure why.

Has this file been processed in some way already? Maybe metadata written into it by another program or something like that? Is this straight out of camera? Has this happened in other images from same lens and camera combination or only this image?

Same observation as Wolfgang:
There is a profile problem.

ACR, which uses Sony’s built-in corrections profile, does give correct correction. Sony’s software (Edit) gives exactly the same correction, which makes sense.
There is a DxO profile to correct jpegs. It applies an additional (light) correction to that of the embedded profile.
What if the profile for raw applied the limited correction of the jpeg profile? This is just a guess, of course.

It’s a brand new lens (as of two days ago). It’s the case with all the images I take with it. I just took another shot, with three variations: first is the out-of-camera jpeg with in-camera corrections only, the second is the PL6 processed shot of the Raw with only optical corrections applied, and the third is the same Raw file, but with barrel distortion corrected manually (at a setting of 75). The files have gone through no other software.

Very strange. I am not sure what the problem is. I hope you find a solution. If you do, please post back here what the problem was, I’m curious.

It was worth a try, but PL6 says it’s using the right profile. I also tried deleting and reinstalling the profile, but no difference…

The most likely is that there is a problem with the camera/lens couple.
I also did a test with PureRAW and I get the same result.
If you haven’t done so already, I advise you to send a support request:
There is also a secondary test you can do: open the jpeg camera (OOC) in PhotoLab, the lens module should complete the Sony lens correction, and it should be visible. Is this the case?

Thanks. I did what you suggested with the OOC jpeg and there are no differences that I can perceive (though the in-camera distortion correction seems pretty good with this lens, especially considering what it has to work with). I sent a message to Marie here, and if nothing comes of that, I will send a support request as you suggest. Will update here once I have more clarity. Thanks again.

Se is the right person you have to talk too – just be a little patient please.

Try switching in camera corrections off. With in camera corrections on I’ve encountered similar problems for both lens distortion and vignetting corrections in PhotoLab.