Installing DxO PL 3 - Should i uninstall version 2 first?

Before installing DxO PL 3 should i uninstall version 2 first?

(Running Windows 10)

No need. They can excised next to each other. One thing:
If you use sidecars v3 will update those when opening the folder and then v2 can’t read them properly anymore.
By uncheck autoupdate sidecars and keep read sidecars in preference you see if it’s causing problems without overwriting. The DB is then the edit safepoint.
And if it works properly, switch v3 in read write and v2 in DB only no sidecars.
That way you can use both on your files.


Brilliant. Thanks for that detailed info :slight_smile:

Where do I find those settings please? PL3 does not update PL2 .dop files for me. But no idea which settings are responsible for this. Besides that I noticed that the new HSL tool does not show the HSL settings made in PL2. Whats wrong?

Mac version

there seems to be total different pieces of software, HSL is rewriten not updated. I think that’s why the old HSL settings can’t be implemented in v3.

edit -> preferences: correctionsettings (at least in win version)

  • Well, actually it should (the corrections from PL2 are transferred to PL3). But you should report a bug for it directly in Mac section.

Svetlana G.

That’s a good point. If edits to photos done in PL2 have used the old HSL tool then how are those HSL edits carried over when those same photos/edits are opened up in PL3?

  • Yes, the corrections from PL2 are recalculated in PL3 taking into account 8 channels system but as you can see below your result from PL2 is preserved at maximum:

Svetlana G.


When unistalling old versions I find very large folders are left C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\DxO. I even fond some old pri PL ones. I take it these can be deleted as the data isn’t being updat-ed and I take it used by the tatter program/s?

Hello John,
If you do not use old versions then yes, remove the folders. If you want for example workspace, presets etc from PL2 to be migrated to PL3 leave PL2 folder.

Svetlana G.

It’s a rather poor uninstall program that leaves gb’s of redundant data. It’s an area that really needs improving. It clearly has different needs according to if delegated brfor or after a new version is installed but one that could be sorted with warnings. When I have deleted other programs they haven’t needed so much clearing up

Dear John,

It’s not removed on purpose as in most cases the users want to migrate their workspace, presets, database… to a new version.

Svetlana G.


But when uninstalled after installing new version a simple check in the uninstall could ask if the old mulit Gb data is kept or removed.

Thanks Svetlana and not necessary anymore. No idea why, but PL3 is reading now the HSL settings made with PL2. Of course the shown values are different. For example, saturation 10 and brightness 2 are displayed in the master channel at PL3 in the HSL with saturation 15 and nothing else. I don’t know if this is correct. But I haven’t been able to deal with the new HSL yet.

Compared to previous versions, the scope of the Saturation slider effect is doubled.

Thanks Peter, but still cannot find it. Besides that its working now. See my post before. But PL3 is only reading the .dop files and does not change them. So I am on the good side as it looks like :wink:

what do you want to find?

Hey Peter, want to find what you wrote above “By uncheck autoupdate sidecars and keep read sidecars in preference you see if it’s causing problems without overwriting.”

Maybe problem is my prefs are in german

But maybe this is meant

Thanks for the info Pascal

tab edit , preferences and in that window you can uncheck overwrite sidecars. and let read checked so you can run V2 and V3 side by side and see if the proccessed image of V3 differs from V2. if so you have a “problem” in a way you need to readjust images to get the same output from v3 vs v2.
Which you probably don’t like going through database of your images one by one.
Then a copy past in a backup folder inside image folder protects the V2 version and if you want to export in v2 copy the file with the saved sidecar of v2 in a folder “v2” load the image file in v2 and you can export from settings v2 made.
its a workaround. not a solution.

uncheck the einstellungdateien automatisch exporteren.