Installing DxO PL 3 - Should i uninstall version 2 first?

Ok got it, thanks Peter. But I am still not sure if importing also means changing them. If this would happen the .dop file should get an updated modification date. But this is not the fact. And overwriting anything is nowhere mentioned. Anyways, works for me like it is.

it reads the info of the sidecar and stores the changed info (v2=>v3 conversion) in the DataBase of V3 not V2
So you sidecars are save unles you do a export to sidecar in the file tabb manualy.
V2 and V3 has a separate database which also contains the edit data.

one note: V3 don’t create any sidecars now on new images you load in V3 unless you manually export sidecars in the file tab. (select the images you like to give sidecars and use file=> sidecar -> export)

Thanks for your detailed explanations. I had never dealt with this topic before.

your welcome,
See the export of sidecars manualy

Data base of dxo is here:
check first in explorer “hidden items”
then C:\users\your username\appdata\roaming\dxo\ here you see dxo photolab 2 and a folder with photolab 3.

I’m a bit confused by your comment above. I’ve loaded some new Raw files into PL3 & did some edits, and just like PL2 did before, PL3 saves the edits into a new sidecar file.

When autosave sidecars is not checked there will be no sidecars. Only database update.
@KameraD had sidecars from v2 which he wanted protected from updating by v3.
Uncheck autoupdate does protect your v2 sidecars in folders.

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Phew. Thanks for clarifying that for me.


  • Yep, this is correct as the values are recalculated based on the new algorithm (on my screenshot it’s also visible: values are different but the preview is the same).

Svetlana G.


Thanks Svetlana for clarifying this.

You are welcome!

Svetlana G.