I need help with customer service-I need a manager or supervisor

Riley (Support & Assistance)

Jan 5, 2023, 8:34 PM GMT+1


As stated, I am the manager on duty. Seth wrote you in your open Troubleshooting ticket over three hours ago. You would need to respond in that ticket so that he can assist you further. This ticket regarding software access is closed, thank you for your cooperation.


Riley - DxO Labs Support Team

40x40 Joseph Harrington

Jan 5, 2023, 8:28 PM GMT+1


I would like to speak to your manager. I am BEGGING for help, PLEADING for a resolution.
I paid $149.00 and I am not receiving support.
I downloaded the software.
Installed the software.
Open Photoshop 2022, NIK appears on the screen, BUT not in the “filters” dropdown.
I click on silver efex on the pop out on screen, the following message appears “The command “silver efex pro” is not available”.
I am a fully paid customer. I AM BEGGING FOR HELP.

I have a deadline and my job is at stake, now PLEASE connect me with you manager or supervisor or a passionate human being who can help.

I don’t know if you can reach a manager through this forum. This community does try to be helpful, though. Please note that you haven’t provided us much technical information here (e.g., Windows or Mac and associated details). Still, here are some things to try, if they apply to Photoshop and your problem:

Why do you recommend to use the Nik Selective Tool instead of Photoshop’s filter menu? – Help center (dxo.com)

Why is my DxO ViewPoint plugin missing from Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements? – Help center

My plugins do not appear in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC after installing. How do I fix this? – Help center (dxo.com)

Adobe Lightroom Issues: My plug-ins do not appear in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC after installing. How do I fix this? – Help center (dxo.com)

And make sure you have the very latest versions of the Nik Collection and Photoshop. You can find release notes here:

Nik Collection – Help center (dxo.com)

Prior to purchasing, was it working during the free 30-day trial?

Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling it?



I returned the product, it never worked and Riley sucks in customer service, for the way she treated me alone I was never keeping it.

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