NIK Collection disappeared from Photoshop CC 2021 (22.3)


my Photoshop just updated itself to v22.3 today and now my Nik Filter don’t show under Filters anymore. I re-installed the Nik Collection but that didn’t bring them back.

In v21 they’re still there. I remember that you could copy some files from one directory to another when this happened but I can’t find the paths any more.

I am on a Mac (Big Sur).

Please help!

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Changing permissions doesn’t do anything. On a Mac the main account is usually the admin any way.

Please see another thread, I assume you are on an M1 Mac?

We’ve all had this problem. I’m hoping they don’t just leave it, release a V4 and make us pay again

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I agree, that would be bush league.

Yes, I’m on an M1 mac. None of the fixes online have done anything while running PS 22.3 in native. DXO needs to come up with a fix.

DXO support wrote me back via a ticket i wrote and said the solution was to run photoshop in Rosetta. I just wrote them back and told them that wasn’t an viable solution for a professional workflow with 100mp images. Incredibly weak response for software I’ve probably spent $400-500 on over the year between all the upgrades



Is this all they said? No mention about working on universal versions?

Sounds about right. I bet it’s safe to assume they will release V4 that will work with native PS 22.3 and beyond, making us who just bought V3 pay again. I already bought V3 because my V2 stopped working with macOS Big Sur. Paid full price for V2 less than a year ago, forced to pay for V3 just to make my software work with a new OS. If they refuse to update V3 to work with native PS 22.3, I will gather as many people as I can and start a class action suit.

I have been using Nik plugins since the first one, since before
Google bought it, for many years. I keep paying and paying and paying. This is the first place I have found an answer for why my M1 - not my main machine, but one I have still paid for with DXO for Nik - won’t work. This it outrageous.

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I think just putting pressure on them via social media and being unrelenting about how shady this is for existing paid customers is more productive than a class action suit that will never happen. Hopefully they will do the right thing


my response below as I was less than pleased with their response

"While I understand that the original code was written for intel based machines the transition to Apple silicon is not a new development and sitting back and not adapting the code base for a product that cost hundreds of dollars (not including all the previous versions I’ve purchased) is really weak.

How is it that every day countless developers of both premium and free apps release apple silicon compatible updates of their existing products (free of charge I might add) but DXO has taken the lazy hands off position of “use Rosetta”.

So incredibly disappointing. "

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sadly no mention of work on an universal version. below is the actual response:

"Thank you for writing back. At this time, we have no information regarding plans to provide a version of the Nik Collection that will run natively on the Apple M1 systems. Since the current version of the Nik apps is written for use on Intel machines, and the new Photoshop is written to run on the ARM-based M1 systems, converting the program code from an Intel-based code to an ARM-based code is not an easy task.

We will be happy to pass along your interest in this capability to our development team for their consideration. A suggestion on your behalf will be automatically created and sent to the developers once this ticket is closed."

I’ve seen different statements about how difficult it was to come up with universal code. I suppose that many things can influence the ease/complexity of the transition.

Coming up with universal code is one thing, optimizing the code for Apple Silicon might be a completely different pair of shoes though. And if the programming environment has not yet been readied by its producer (which is not DxO) for Apple Silicon, DxO simply has to wait until the producer has released the respective updates.

I’m sure that DxO will provide code for Apple Silicon. Meanwhile, Rosetta 2 will do its thing.

I’m in the same boat as you Paul, I’ve been with them since before Google bought them and paid I think $299 for the first suite. if I added up all the versions I wouldn’t be surprised if we were nearing $750 in total.

and while running photoshop in rosetta technically works it’s unusable for workflows that involve massive files like those created on the fuji gfx100 which end up getting stacked up, converted to smart objects and then having Nik colorefex applied to them. even on my iMac Pro it struggles to deal with the madness that is those files let alone a M1 running photoshop in rosetta.


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I have done some digging about, and it seems that the universal M1 version of PS has accidentally disabled the extensions system in PS, but not when run in rosetta. It seems the Adobe may fix this in the next PS release, and only then will we know if it solves the issue we are all having with these plugins.

I had the same problem. Reinstall in Photoshop 2021, but no plug in. Please NIK remove the old plug-in in the version NIK 2018 en give us the new plug-in. We all payed a lot of money to use them. I also pay for Photoshop 2021, they have a good costumerservice and Adobe is very tolerant with the up-dates. So corporate with them. I solved the problem to started Photoshop 2019 again instade of the 2021 version. So I can use the filters. I hope NIK will solve the problem with working Photoshop 2021.