I hear BF discounts are out ... like 50% off

I hear BF discounts are out … like 50% off

Who told you that? I don’t see anything on the DxO website.

Nothing on the DxO website, maybe tomrrow.Just came across this on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blvVXscMfiw If that is right for me an upgrade to PL7 Elite would be £79 as a Black Friday offer rather than £99 as is normally - a fraction over 20% discount not 50%.

black friday is this upcoming friday the 24, some company just wait for the exact black friday and not giving a week of deal. plus cyber monday.

so I was right about what I heard and the deal is out !


on DxO’s FB page too

I’m glad to know this. Waiting to see the actual prices, though. Seems the FB post is a preview.

One of the hardest working phrases in the English language there… “UP TO…”


…helps to raise expectations - and disappointment.


and all sites are down for maintenance…

check your account

the temperature of public discourse

As far as I can see on the UK website, the only product where 50% (almost) discount is offered is with ViewPoint4 where it’s £45 instead of £89 to buy. The prices for buying the other products are discounted, but by much lower percentages.

Upgrade prices offered are:
PL 6 elite to PL7 Elite - £79 (was £99)
Nik 5 to Nik 6 - £509 (was £69)
FP 6 Elite to FP 7 - £55 (was £69)

[There’s no VP upgrade for me as I already have VP4).

In EUR, the Photolab update is only a mere 18% less now, really disappointing. Much more expensive than two years ago (89EUR compared to 50EUR).

And commercial customers still get a bold penalty surcharge according to https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/4494548010385-Pricing-information-for-EU-professional-users-with-VAT-ID

FP 5 to 7 is only BF discount no upgrade discount. not sure for me if VP is worth upgrading as i don’t really do architecture.

I’m in the US. I started to pay with my Citi Mastercard, but this required receiving a call from Citi to verify. Since my wife is asleep, I declined the call and used my Chase VISA. The transaction went through, but I was notified that this was an “international transaction”.

My Chase card has no fee for international transactions. My Citi card does, so it was lucky I switched.

I can’t remember running into this on prior orders.

I’m in New Jersey. I never encountered anything like that.


Sadly I also see the professional marketing touch. I wish the money for that 50% banner had gone towards things like customizable UI or even just shortcuts.

The banner and wording seem to be just designed to generate clicks.

Also as ViewPoint is €49 instead of €99… the wording could actually be “More than 50% off” (too lazy to calculate the percentage now).

Edit to add: I also understand that the colour management for example is very useful and if I was till printing, it would be a reason for me to upgrade. Maybe I’ll get a new printer to have an excuse to upgrade :smiley:

A trap for the unwary - if you choose to upgrade to PL7 in the shop, and then add FilmPack to the cart, it doesn’t use the discounted upgrade price for FilmPack. I backed out and did them separately.