How to use PhotoLab to crop an image to a specific screen format (width x height in pixels)?

I used to do this in Photoshop, but I want to do it in PhotoLab. I want to turn an image into a desktop wallpaper for a 2018 iPad Pro, but this technique should work for any application.

For my specific needs, the screen size of my iPad is 2048x2732 pixels. How would I tell PhotoLab to crop to those proportions? …or other proportions? I’m sure I will want to do this later for my desktop images as well, but if I can do this for one device, I can do it for any.

If it can’t be done, I’ll need to send the image to the iPad and use it to create a wallpaper, but that’s a last resort.

When you crop in the Windows version the area of the crop in pixels is indicated in the bottom right corner of the crop. If you set the aspect ratio to unconstrained, you can create the crop for any horizontal or vertical pixel amount. Or you can set it to a fixed ratio as shown in the second image. I don’t know if the Mac version differs.


Just type in the figures as needed and drag until dimensions are exactly as wanted.

Here’s an example…

…and some additional information:

First, you are better off creating a square wallpaper to cover the largest dimension. It will get cropped when you rotate but, at least with a square image, you won’t get any bands down the sides or top and bottom.

In which case, just select the 1:1 ratio and resize on export.

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1:1 is a really good proposal, haven’t thought of it, even though I use a square image myself :wink:

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With Mac, I don’t see those numbers as I am cropping. Is there a way to activate them?

Where would I enter the numbers 2048x2732 ? I couldn’t find a place to do so, and I do see what you’ve shown above, but as far as I can tell, I can only select one of the ones they’ve listed…?

This sounds quite simple - nice trick!!!

Enter in the ‘Aspect ratio’->‘Unconstrained’ the figures 2048/2732 Now you’ve the right ratio. In the image you can change the position and/or the size. When satisfied got to export and choose 2732 for the longest size.


Forum software changes the sizes. :pensive:

Aha!!! It says “unconstrained”, but I never realized I could click there and enter my own numbers!
Problem solved, but I’ll also try the “square” technique. DxO perhaps could have made it more obvious that I could do this. I just clicked on the down-arrow to get my choices; had there been a blank entry there, I’d have tried to type in my own numbers. Problem solved, at least for me. …and a hint to DxO to make this more obvious.

Same here.
But on P. 192 of the owners manual it does say;
If you have selected Unconstrained in the Aspect Ratio drop-down menu, holding down the Shift key will allow you to preserve the proportions. When the crop tool is active, a command bar is displayed below the Viewer pane. From there, you can select a predefined aspect ratio, type in your own values, show or hide the grid overlay, reset and close the tool.

Owners Manual? I guess I ought to find the link to this, and download it.

In PL Help->userguide


I should have said User Guide. :wink:

…no worry, I knew what you meant, but I didn’t know how easy it was/is to access.
Thanks for pushing me in this direction, up! Other than for Workspaces, I rarely look up at that top menu.
Next time I get stuck, I’ll check there for help before posting.

There was a time, not so long ago, I could find it only with Google :grinning: