How to Safely Uninstall DXO PL 6 after upgrade to PL7

I like to remove PL6 since I upgraded a few months ago to PL7. I don’t want to disturb PL7 nor do I want to loss any info. How do I proceed?
Thanks in Advance


Mac or Windows?

Sorry I forgot to mention. I am running DXO on MacOs.

In fact, you don’t need to remove PL6 at all. It will run fine alongside PL7.

The only thing you must not do is to open a file that you have edited in PL7, in PL6 as it will not be able to read the DOP.

As to uninstalling, the standard way is just to delete the .app bundle from Applications.

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I confirm they coexist nicely together. But now after a few months on PL7 I would like to reclame the PL6 space. Besides the app there are many files and folders allover my Mac which I like to remove as well. I was hoping for an uninstall app or procedure or a list of files and folder which can be safely deleted after the deleting the app itself. I hoped DXO provided something like that but on their site I could no find anything. I am afraid it is going to be a carefully executed manual process.
Thanks for your support.

I’m on lunch but I’ll get back to you with a list of locations

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Take your time, I am not in a hurry.
Thanks in advance.

This what is what remained after deleting the app.

Enjoy your lunch !

A lot more can linger on your drive, depending on whether you used PhotoLab in combination with other apps. Also, PhotoLab 6 comes with variable naming (as seen above), one of which is “dplv6” or “dpl v6”. I use “FindAnyFile” and “EasyFind” when I want to get rid of DxO stuff, specially when testing e.g. current versus older versions.

I’d keep or back up the license files … just in case.

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Thanks for your support with this.
I made the overview with FindAnyFile but given the fact that I want to proceed with PL7 I am more careful then normally in case of getting rid of an old application.
The PL6 license objects I will copy to a safe place, thanks for the suggestion.

Instead of cleaning around one specific app, I almost always remove all things DxO and reinstall the one app of interest after a reboot. This takes less fiddling and is usually quicker and more thorough. With only two apps, the drastic approach might be overkill though.

I agree with this approach when I understand how an application works and where his specific data is maintained. I use, among other things, for instance, lots of keywords for search purposes. I don’t have a clue where this info resides, as my motto has always been “Better safe than Sorry” I prefer the step by step approach supported by an offline backup just in case. In between steps a start regularly PL7 to be sure everything important still works or is available…