How to get v6 updates when v7 is installed as well?

I have upgrade to 7 and am going to be using 6 for most local adjustments until the over complex way in 7 is sorted. But I think there is an update to 6.10 but how do I get it? I can’t from my account and it’s not coming up as an update in the program?

Can’t you get a link when opening “menus/help/check for update” in your v6.xx version ?
PC version here.

Yes no update?

Your account’s links download the latest available release.
You can always update with the full installer (at least on Mac).

v6.10 exists for PC at least.

Not after yiu have made the errer of upgrading. DXO is very poor ot providing links to old versions unlike other software firms I use who list all the versions I have owned and codes needed to reinstall them I whant to.

My errer I thought there was an updater past 6.10. I have never kept an older verion after updating befor untill V7.

DxO annouced that since V7, every major versions are able to coexist on the same station (so pre v7, v7, v8, etc …).
So this should be possible

Backup? Backup? Backup?

Are you using mac or pc ?
I’ve got (not installed yet) the pc one if this can help you, I can provide it to you.

EDITED : ok ! you’ve got 6.10 so you’ve got the last one. My bad understanding.

I have backups of every version with there codes since V3. I normally give the new version a go for a day and remove the old one, but I find the loacal adjustments so poor now when doing a batch I will do them in 6 and then maybe open in 7.

Okay, you’re fast. Good for occasional accidents.
If you had a backup, you could restore DPL 6.

I suppose you need DPL for Windows.

It has always been possible to run older versions of PhotoLab concurrently on the same machine. I’m running versions 4, 5, 6, & 7. There are even some people here that have six or seven different versions loaded on their computer.


Yes, what I meant is since they’ve annouced that with v7 and made it transparent when installing (if no bug there), they should allow as easily to update older versions.

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Nothing has changed with regard to running multiple versions of PhotoLab on the same machine. Is it possible that you’re confusing that with the recent announcement from DxO that for the first time the latest version of the Nik Collection (version 6) can be installed without overlaying the previous Nik version?


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Maybe something like that.
I think I’ve heard that in the live streaming presentation of photolab 7 and filmpack 7.
Maybe I’m confusing something but that’s not sure.

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@John7 I am not sure why you have a problem I was told about PL6.10 automatically when I started up PL6.9 and used the automatic download function and installed it alongside PL7.0 (trial) and while using PL7.0 I got the notification for PL7.0.1 and that is now happily installed alongside PL6.10.

So the product has not mysteriously changed but that does not answer your problem so have you tried

to see if that gives you the opportunity to download, sorry you answered that one after you first post oops!

@John7 exactly what is your problem the latest versions are




both running on the same machine at the same time, in my case, but not on the same directory (PL7 updating a PL6 DOP is not a good plan) and PL7 is accessing its own database but PL6.10 is going into a processor loop on a particular image I have been using.

The processor spikes and on the original directory with the original database the processor usage was so high the Process Lasso could not even update its processor utilization graph. I backed up the database, created a new directory with a single image and the DOP and tried again.

Every time that image is used in PL6.10 the processor usage spikes to the point that the fan is ramping up but Process Lasso is now managing to keep updating its graph

If you have a backup of a v6 installer, go ahead and install it. That’s what a perpetual license is for!

For those on macOS: Command-I to get info about an installer. That info contains a URL - and you can use it to download the latest version…

Sorry this has got a bit lost. I have 6 and thought there should be an update but got non from the install of V6. I was wrong as it uses the white point OK. I had been asking how with V7 installed do I get updates if not offered via V6 but was irrelevant as non available. I can’t find any way of turning the thread off!"

No need to turn the thread off, @John7 , as it gives some useful information from @platypus :