How to get and install PL 7.7.2 Elite on to another PC?

I have the subscribed PL 7.7.2 Elite on my PC. I understand that I can also put it on my MS Surface 6Pro., but I don’t know how. Specifically, where do I download it from? BTW, is there a version number for the NIK that comes with PL 7? Thanks.

Either use the installer you originally download to your PC. Or if you didn’t keep that installer, log in to your DxO Shop account and re-download it form there:

The NIK Collection doesn’t come with PL, it’s a separate purchase. The latest version of NIK Collection is 7.

For whatever reason(s), I thought that NIK did come with PL Elite??? So, now I know that I have been using the old Google free NIK with PL

Very early on when you purchased the Nik Collection you also received a a free license for PhotoLab 2 Essential. That was after PL3 was released and I believe PL 2 was available as a free download for a few versions of the Nik Collection. I am not sure if that combo of the Nik Collection with an old version of PhotoLab is still available.


I still have the free NIK and will add it to PL 7 Elite when I am able to download it to my Surface. I have tried several times and kept getting an error message that an initial directory couldn’t be created (C:/Program Files/DxO. So, I took out a ticket with DxO to see what was blocking the install.

If you are using Windows 10, what version do you have installed on your surface? Have all Windows 10 updates been applied?


Someone might correct me but while you can run the free version of Nik on a modern machine, I don’t think it will integrate into PL.

That is a good question. If I recall correctly, earlier versions of PhotoLab did recognize the free version of Nik, but I have no idea whether more current versions still dol.


@Flycaster might try with “Export to application”

note – SEP 2 belongs to the installed DxO’s Nik 3.3,
while “Export to Nik Collection” shows the Nik 6 installation only

I’m on Win 11. the latest update. Just dl’d PL 7. The fix was to run as admin on startup of installation.

I’ve never run into that situation before in all the years I’ve been using PhotoLab. It must be the way you have administrative rights set up on your computer.


Your are right, admin rights (run as admin on PL setup.exe) allowed PL7 to be installed. Quickly got the fix from questioning DxO support. And, as far as I can tell, PL7 Elite didn’t come with NIK, but it did recognize the free Google NIK and made it available. I didn’t have to do anything to get NIK onto PL7


Looks as though PL7 does capture the old free Google NIK. Here’s a screen shot.


Along with DxO’s support info on how to install (need admin rights,) they also answered the question about PL recognizing the various versions (including the Google free version) of NIK. PL will recognize and be compatible will all versions of NIK on your computer.

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