How can the processing time be shortened

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    1. I have the PUREREW2 version, when I send files taken with Canon R6, the software’s processing process is very long. 10 files using the DEEPFRIME method takes over 5 minutes
    1. How can the processing time be shortened?
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Processing time in PureRAW, and Photolab, depends on the GPU in your computer. What graphics card do you have?

The i7-7700 is the CPU. The GPU is in your graphics card. Which graphics (video) card do you have in you machine?


Thank you
maybe that?

The GPU of a graphics card is what is used to accelerate DeepPRIME processing in PhotoLab… Your graphics card, first released in 2014, is an extremely old and very low-end design by current standards. It simply isn’t capable of processing DeepPRIME. As I indicated above, it is the graphics card’s GPU which is used for software prossessing acceleration.

What you need is a higher end and more current generation graphics card. You need to choose one that will be compatible with your computer and your computer’s power supply. It’s possible your power supply may not be up to the task of supporting an appropriate new card. First the power supply needs sufficient wattage, and second, depending on the graphics card you select, your power supply may need to be able to physically connect to it. Most appropriate graphics cards will require a connection to your power supply.

I’m sorry I can’t say anything more helpful to you.


One thing that can help is to test different settings of how many images should be processed in parallel. The sweet spot on my Macs at 4±1. Pushing the number to higher values can slow down processing.

Unfortunately that won’t provide help with DeepPRIME acceleration. With his card all processing will be performed using the CPU.


I have an I7 6700 as the CPU but my graphics card is a GTX 1060 which is still acceptable nowadays.

Which is why your machine has acceptable performance. Similarly, the GPU on machine, a GTX 1050ti, is also recognised and used by PL7. It’s not super fast, a DeepPRIME XD export takes about 55-60 seconds but it’s OK for my needs. @ILAN’s poster’s machine only has a GT 730, which is waaaay below the spec. of our GPUs.

I know that. It was just to suggest an upgrade at limited cost. It has been written before my answer: the CPU is not the problem in this case, it is the GPU. I have also a GPU of that kind preinstalled on my mother board, that’s why I had to add a graphic card.

Ah, OK.

My installation of a lowly GTX 1050ti, to replace the on-board Intel graphics, was not just for cost reasons. It was the best I could do without also having to upgrade the power supply in my machine.

@ILAN do take note of this additional criterion when considering a GPU upgrade, @mwsilvers has already mentioned it:

That was my reason for also upgrading to the 1050 ti a few years ago. I am running an RTX 4060 now, but that required a a power supply swap.


It’s not cost effective for me to do that, the CPU is so old it is not Win 11 compatible so I will have to replace it when Win 10 reaches end-of-life in 2025.

Having said that, I do already have a Win 11 laptop that has an RTX 4050 but, as yet, I’ve had no need to install PL7 on that machine.

You are entitled to several installations, you can install PL on this machine and you will not come back to the other :grinning:

The reason I’ve not bothered installing PL on my laptop is that, while my desktop monitor is not that big by current standards (is ‘only’ a 24" model) it has features that I wouldn’t be without when editing photos, in particular a wide gamut (100% Adobe RGB) panel.

You can use this monitor as a 2nd screen on your laptop.

I know, but then I can’t use my laptop on my laptop :grin:


I use my MacBook Pro with my 27" Apple Studio Display at home and then, all I do is unplug the monitor and use the laptop on its own with its 16" display. It automatically switches.

Well yes, it works like that on Windows as well but the monitor is part of my desktop PC, which has it’s own keyboard and mouse, and which I don’t want to dispose of (yet). It would be a lot of faff to work around that set up.

I suspect once Win 10 reaches end of life I will buy a docking station and fit the monitor, keyboard and mouse to that and then connecting / disconnecting the laptop becomes trivial.