Histogram inside the tone curve?

I think it would be a good idea to place the histogram (only luminance channel?) inside the tonal curve editor. A similar solution is in several programs and seems quite practical.

It’s not certain.

I posted this as a feature request a while ago: Histogram Overlay on Curves


Since the linked feature request is closed this one should be closed as well?

Yes, I agree with you for the lack of histogram inside the tone curve !

DXO PhotoLab is a fantastic software but some features available in the competitor softwares (not to mention Lightroom of course) are really helpful and missing here.

Please DXO team, do not forget that your target audience is mainly made of Lightroom users that are fed up with the subscription fee of Adobe. Therefore, those “tiny” features would be a “plus”.
Thnk you very much in advance.

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