Green tint on all photos in PL6

I was playing around with the PL6 demo for a while yesterday without any issue. Upon opening the application later in the day I noticed all of my photos were displaying with a green tint. I believe this has something to do with the ICC profile, but I made no change to it. There is no option in PL6 to change the ICC profile for the display in general settings. I tried to update it under soft proofing, but that did not work. I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

Yes, that option was removed for PLv6.

Presumably, PLv6 is using the default profile declared to your O/S.

John M

Indeed, this needs an official answer. Or maybe it’s documented (I didn’t have a look at the user’s manual).

Sort of; See here … as pointed out to me by @egregious.

John M

Thanks John.

Now comes the next question : what about dual display configurations ? I have 2 different displays. If, for some reasons, I want to move the DPL window to the second display, I also have to switch to the corresponding profile, which appears to be easier if I don’t have to go through the soft proofing tool. Ideally, I should be able to define the profile for each display once and for all. Or is this done automatically in DPL 6 ? This should be documented.

Dual display configurations have never been seriously taken into account by DOP and DPL. It took ages to get information about the working colorspace in DOP/DPL. And now, with the new soft proofing feature, we’ll have to struggle to be informed about the behavior of DPL regarding dual display systems.

I have (again) opened a discussion about this issue here :

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So just a quick update. It appears this issue was related to HDR on my monitor. While I was able to keep HDR enabled and remove the green tint by updating the ICC profile in PL5, I could no do the same in PL6 because the setting had been removed.