Graduated Filter - Partial restore (brush) from an erase operation issue

When using the Graduated Filter one can erase the effects - but I am not finding a way to bring back specific areas so they match the actual graduated filter as implemented. Am I missing something? The User Manual makes no mention of this situation.

Example: Removing the Graduated Filter from a foreground subject

  1. Apply the Graduated Filter to a Scene - high blur (foreground sharp to increasing background blur).

  2. We have a human model in the foreground (and is 2/3 the height of the image) that we want fully sharp. Use the eraser tool to remove the Graduated Filter from this model.

  3. Oops! We erased a part of the background around the outline of the model - and now it is sharp. We need to make it blurry again, matching the gradation of the filter blur effect.

  4. And here’s the “rub” - using the Brush does not restore the Graduated Filter as originally drawn - it paints with what ever the Brush is set to. Of course You can change the “Flow”, Opacity", etc. of the brush - but this does not create a seamless match with the filter around the outline of the model. Yes, one can laboriously kludge it - but this is not an efficient approach that lends itself to a high quality result.

Fig. 1 Erase - but Brush not integrated on
a Graduated Filter edit.

This was discussed in June. A graduated erasure is not available.

@jamhen2 Thank You for the confirmation - is this the thread what You are referencing?

Perhaps this post should be re-catergorized as it is not Windows only.

And it would have been good for the Documentation to discuss this situation as well, because any thing less than a perfect erasure is going to be an issue. The Documentation tends only to be about specific features with little regard for overall strategy.

The solution, of course, is a real “layer~channel” set-up which might take awhile (v2?) to implement.

I think, the inverse operation for the eraser in the gradient context, should be gradient restoration. Brush should be only the inverse operation for the eraser in the paintbrush local adjustment.

Maybe create a voteable feature request, where the inverse operation for an eraser should restore the parametric masks in all but the paintbrush adjustments?

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I have several “masking” suggestions that are waiting on a possible new voting regime (“Votes” & “Likes”) for a single “Feature request”. In my mind these masking suggestions all require the same coding implementation, even if there is not currently a UI to display them.

Going forward - without the ability to efficiently control masking operations many of these localized tools have an impaired ability to generate professional level results.


Well, yes for now if you erase the part of the graduated filter there is no way to fine-tune it. You can only restore it (graduated filter) back with Ctrl+Z and erase again.

Svetlana G.

Thank You.

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