Undo or correct an erasure within graduation filter


now that I also found the eraser for the graduation filter :slight_smile: I am wondering if there’s really no way to correct an erasure that has accidentelly been drawn too large.

Ok, you can add a stroke with the ALT key, however that stroke will not follow the graduation - the effect is always 100%. Certainly this can also be useful in some cases, but I’d really like to see a simple way to correct an erasure and to restore the graduation.

Maybe this is already implemented too? :slight_smile: If not, please take this as an improvement suggestion.

Regards, Tilmann

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Control+ Z for ALL actions.

That’s exactly how I do it right now.

However, if you’ve carefully drawn some complex shape just to accidentally wipe over something else, it’s not too comfortable that you can undo and draw it completely from the start.

Workaround is to modify only small sections per draw - but then you also can’t correct something you drew earlier (assume you notice the unprecise mask later in the process).

So, if ^Z really is the only way currently, please add the “eraser-erasure” to the list of improvement suggestions.

Thanks, Tilmann


Bringing back an old issue…
Can we please get some feedback if that’s (still) on the screen?