Forum confusion - - Does the support forum no longer exist?

Hi Svetlana - - I’m wondering why so may support requests are now coming to this forum ??

Does the support forum no longer exist ?

I submit that it’s become very confusing for EA members;

  • on one hand, I guess it means that we can help new members with their questions … but, is that what you’re expecting us to do ?

  • on the other hand, it’s causing confusion such as this: Voteable versus NOT-voteable

John M

PS. Whilst on the topic of voting: Any progress here? Question: How does the voting system work?

Edit: Here’s a good example of what I mean (about confusion for EA members): Support question - Is this relevant to EA members (?)

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Hello guys,

Well, the support forum exists and they try to resolve the issues as soon as possible. But as I see some users do not want to wait a bit longer than usual and report about their problems here and I can’t leave them without attention.

About this one

It’s a problem on the site, it should be votable and it will be when fixed.

For now we have only the following info from @bsayakhom:

Depending on the “level” you have (new user, trust user …), which depends somehow on how many badges you gained in the forum, or how many posts you already did, you will have a minimum of 4 votes and can reach 10 votes you can use in any of the proposed features.
If you want to change your vote, you can remove it and place it on another topic.

Well guys,
You as a Beta users have the access to both sections of the Forum while they are not. What would you like, to close the public part from you, I mean Betas? I do not think it’s a good idea.

Please, give your variants.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

@sgospodarenko, I think that the confusion comes from the new right column where all post are listed and mixed between EA and non EA, and we don’t have this in the previous forum.

Perhaps you could highlight differently (colors?) public and beta posts, so it would be easier to distinct.

Or EA member should think to go to EA sections only when discussing about that part to separate both distinctively.


Okay, let’s see if @gpailler could do something with it. Gregoire, could you, please, have a look if we can differentiate in color those groups?

Thank you


Yes - That’s exactly the confusion that I see.

Hi Svetlana - - I am a little confused here …

My understanding is (was!) that voting applies only to requests raised in the EA-members section of the forum (?)

Regards, John M

Well, we decided to expand the boundaries and let all the users vote in this General section. At the same time you also have your private EA part where you can add specific to a testing area suggestions.

Svetlana G.

Mmm - OK - that’s your call … but, doesn’t that make matters rather confusing for you ? … especially if you have new and/or naive users asking for features that already exist - but which they’re unaware of - simply because they’re not sufficiently familiar with the software (I’ve noticed a bit of that in the comments by non-EA members).

And, doesn’t this now create a new category of user = one who can’t be bothered to use the support/help-desk site, who jumps into this forum - with ability to vote … compared with those patiently waiting for response from the help-desk.

Regards, John M

I see it as a positive step to collect real market requirements and not only insider requirements. This way the requests become more representative to what the broad public wants, who buys the software afterwards. If a “naive” requirement comes in, no one will vote for it, or there will be some truth behind the request. This did not harm in context of other software products, and not every wish has to be fulfilled, if it does not fit to the current architecture. See Fuji support. Another positive effect is that all users feel involved, which impoves customer satisfaction.


Point taken … that’s a good and fair response, @Asser

My issue is, perhaps, a selfish one … I’m finding it’s now a lot more time-consuming to wade thru all the posts - weeding out the relevant comments (by fellow EA members) from the “noise”.


Good morning,

John, you can set a filter to see only EA part of the forum if it makes your life easier :wink: (you can Mute all the categories you do not want to be involved in): Settings -> Preferences -> Categories.

And @Asser is absolutely correct about the reasons we do that. Even if the public users suggest a feature we are already working on in the background it once again proves that we are on the right way.

Svetlana G.