For TIFF files there is not green-magenta tint control?

Is that possible that being a tiff file (perhaps jpg too) one can just control blue-yellow color temperature but not the green-magenta tint?

Yes true, it’s missing the red - green - control in white balance, while old LR (+ PS) can do.
– For now, you have to use the HSL tool.

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I don’t understand how HSL tool can be used to correct a colour cast… I have tried but the result is quite different

Try the Tone Curves, you might get better results than with HSL.

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If you have the Nik collection - try Color Efex - works very well with color casts.



Yes, true.

@vichenso – (also) think of complementary colour correction

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Also Viveza.

True. But I find it easier with Color Efex, there is a specific filter for that called “Remove color cast” and in “Pro contrast” there is also a “remove color cast” slider.

I take a lot of underwater photos and use the tone curve tool extensively to fix colour casts and it works really well. @vichenso you can send me a personal message if you want some more detail.