Flipping a backwards scan

I’ve been scanning 50 year old slides and negative strips. Occasionally, a slide/negative is reversed; the emulsion is on the wrong side and a scan with text is backwards. I have the option of rescanning it or, if the option were offered, digitally “flipping” it, an option not offered in PL.

I have found a solution in Picasa. A file can be virtually flipped and copied producing a file correctly oriented.

I suggest a “flip” option be considered for PL. This was first suggested two years ago and should be reconsidered.

Hi, Jim. The request for a flip option has already been accepted by DxO and will be implemented eventually. That’s why the older thread you refer to was locked:

It is confusing that we have a large number of duplicate “Which feature do you need?” threads for this that remain open. Just search the forums for the word “flip.” Is there something not already mentioned in these voteable threads that you would like to see implemented?


I searched the forum before posting and found two year old posts; my assumption was, as they were closed, there would be no action on the request. Judging by the number of posts, there’s interest in a flip function. My intent is to bring it to the forefront again.

I am fairly certain it is in the backlog. Of course, I have no idea when it will be implemented.


I’ve added the feature request to the wish list here: https://forum.dxo.com/t/pl4-do-not-forget-this/10554

Several posts have addressed this. Check out these (and maybe others) and add your votes!

Yes. We are waiting for this basic and essential feature for a long time.

Yes, I raised this issue a couple of years ago. I have been using Luminar to do the ‘flipping’, since it was never implemented by DXO Photolab. I will gladly add my vote to add this feature.

Good morning, guys,

Mark is correct, it’s in the backlog. But as you know it’s organized by a matter of priority and Flipping is not in the top.

Svetlana G.

I agree and support requests to implement flipping tool to PL