Flip image horizontally and vertically

this feature request was raised in July 2018 and closed in December 2018. So I assume the feature was implemented. But, I can’t find it.
It’s really annoying to export it to Photoshop only for flipping.

Btw. how can I add Photoshop (or other apps I regularly use) to the Export_to Menu

Just click on “Browse” button :wink:

To Flip image I’m waiting since … hmmm


If the topic was closed to free up votes, that means the requested feature is in the backlog - not that it’s been implemented.

To add to what Pascal said: The export-to-application menu shows a list of the most recent applications you exported to. Once you use Browse to direct PhotoLab to export to Photoshop, it should stay on the menu.

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Backlog at times looks to be a way of shutting up customers.


the current export_to dialog isn’t very comfortable. the dialog only offers standard apps, I don’t have. So, it’s completely useless. On the other hand, those apps, I regularly use, are hidden in that uncompfortable box. A very bad solution at the moment. other tools even offer the creation of your own icons a short cuts for such functions.

Hello guys,

  • Absolutely. Thank you, Greg.
  • Dear John, I can confirm this feature is in the middle of the backlog and if we successfully finish the major ones we’ll get down to it.

Svetlana G.

I just had a play with Exif Editor on my Mac, flipping a copy of an image horizontally in the EXIF data.


In Finder, I get (original on left, flipped on right) :

However, in PL3.2, I get (flipped on left, original on right) :

I thought I had stumbled across a kludge until this is properly implemented in DxO but, it would seem DxO is doing something inconsistent behind the scenes.
Any ideas?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to PhotoLab, in fact I’m trialing it. I shoot abstracts and have a need to be able to flip and flop my images (vertical, horizontal rotation). Something as basic as this not already incorporated into the software is a big disappointment when combined with the fact that it was requested and has been ignored for over two years leaves me wondering if my money might be better spent elsewhere.

There is free software available that can flip images any way you want once they are edited and exported in PhotoLab. This seems like a very minor reason to give up on this otherwise exceptionally good software. But it’s your choice.

Mark .

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Mark that’s not the point. This is a basic function a program advertised as pro level should have. Another tool that’s absent is a way to rotate an image in increments smaller than 90 degrees, ideally it should be able to allow the user to adjust rotation 1 degree at a time or at least it should have a snap to line (if a snap to line is already a part of the program, I haven’t found it yet). I agree PhotoLab is a good program but if we don’t let the designers know what we feel is important to us and we continue to do workarounds they will never know, and things will stay the same. I’ve been a long time Capture One user but I just bought a camera they don’t support so I’m looking for a program that meets my needs and willing to listen to ways to improve so the user does not have to use another program to fill a gap.



I understand your point, and I agree that that better rotation and imsge reverse functionality should be in Photolab. My point was that the lack of this particular functionality is a poor reason for not using PhotoLab which is superior software in so many ways.


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Well, rotation is available both + and - 90 degs, under Image > Rotation. More importantly, under “Horizon” where you can rotate up to + or - 45 deg, just use the slider or specify the angle to 2 decimal places! To gauge horizontal or vertical most accurately, use the grid (Ctrl+G). There is also the horizon tool at the top of the image window, which gives a snap-to line. So there are 3 ways to achieve controlled rotation.

As for flip, well there are several ways of doing this but not yet in DXO.

Hi Nputtick,

I did find the one degree rotation yesterday. I guess I’ll have to join the line waiting for the flip ability.

I have an unrelated question. To get good B&W’s do I need to buy the film pack for any advanced tools or can PL alone produce high quality for me. So far I only see film pack as offering canned presets. I’m a hands on guy and not interested in presets.

Hi Joe. Filmpack 5 Elite is much more than just presets. Advanced contrast control, Fine contrast control, Channel Mixer, B&W filters and much more. It also has fully adjustable presets for color positive, color negative, cross processed, and B&W films. Be sure that you get the Elite version. But to really do B&W right you need to get Silver EFex Pro 2 in the Nik Collection. Anything and everything B&W related is available there. Watch out wallet, $$$ leaving rapidly, though in my opinion they are worth it.


Thanks Mark,
I’ll explore them both while I still have time left on my trials.

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Joe, for quite effective B&W conversion, see PL’s Style - Toning tool: image

John M

The presets within FP are only a starting point. You still have all the sliders available to work with

A bit disappointed this feature was not available in the PL5 update : (.

Photolab is a great developer program, with some unique features that led me to purchase it, but it has some shortcomings that I frankly find incomprehensible. I can accept that creating a profile with the Colorchecker Passport, or importing one created by Capture One, has a disastrous result. If it’s like linear Raw the image becomes very underexposed and if it’s like realistic color rendering the opposite, terribly overexposed. But perhaps these are very complicated algorithms and either they have not found the key or it is not well explained how to use it.
However there are features that are very easy to implement and truly necessary in some situations. For example flip an image or compare two images. I have already talked about comparing two images in another forum, so I will not insist on its importance. Flipping an image is necessary when digitizing a slide or negative from the emulsion side, also if one decides that someone is holding something with the right or left hand. There are other situations where, for no apparent reason, an image looks better flipped to one side than the other. All programs allow this. I am disappointed by this silence regarding such simple features, even more so knowing that there are quite a few of us demanding them.

Quand je traite des reproductions de diapos, le retournement horizontal serait bien utile (je les numérise en prenant la photo de la face émulsion pour une mise au point optimale). En l’état, avec DxOPL5 je suis obligé de passer par un autre logiciel pour ce faire.

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