Flip Horizontal/Vertical

I cannot find a Flip Horizontal/Vertical function?!
It would be very welcome in DxO Photolab 2.


Old request :frowning:

Yep. But very needed.


Works very well at home (version 2.0.1)

Explain please.

In Windows it is on the Image–>Rotation on the file menu. You can rotate 90 degrees left or right that will change between portrait and landscape.

Hope that helps.

The issue is not the ability to rotate the image, that is doable in PhotoLab. It’s about flipping the image horizontally and vertically, creating a reverse or mirror image.


I’m like ButchR, I did not understand that it was the mirror effect that was asked.
Sorry but my english is weak.

Pas de problème Papadou :wink:

On parle de pivoter l’image sur ses axes H ou V.
Généralement sur l’axe vertical où la gauche devient la droite.


Yes; rotate isn´t flip.
I wish both with PHLab 2.

Sorry. Misunderstood.

I wouldn’t worry about your english skills. They seem fine to me and much better than my skills en francais.


Thanks mark

Just tried something: Changed the EXIF orientation tag in a few .CR2 files in GraphicConverter v11 (yes, GC can edit a few exif tags using its gui) in order to adjust images taken from old b/w and colour negatives.

Lightroom imported the modified files without any problems and presented the images with the corrected orientation.

DPL opened the modified files without any problems too, but completely ignored the orientation tags.

Check here for EXIF tags: https://sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/TagNames/EXIF.html

DXO PhotoLab 3.2 Elite:

Function to flip horizontal/vertical indeed very useful.

For example flipping DSLR scans from positives or negatives.