Filter not working, images not displayed

I had an image that was already exported and marked as “processed” with a green hook in the lower right corner. I then changed the crop of the image, and the icon changed to an exclamation mark " ! ". Now it states “processed, but needs to be updated”.

Now I cannot filter for those images anymore! In the filter choices, I have the option for " ! cannot be processed". I guess, that is supposed to mean the same thing. Well, it is not showing me those pictures. Even if I choose all the 6 filter options, those images are not showing. The only way to display these images is to reset the filter and deactivate everything.

Check (also) here → NOOOOOO! New Filter options! No "unprocessed" option! - #7 by MikeR ,
guess, DxO will do something to the filter list.

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Thanks, I hope they will find a solution to this bug.

Also, a suggestion, it would be nice if the status of the image does not change until I leave that image (or proceed to the next image). Currently, if I set to filter only processed image, the moment I make an adjustment, that image just disappears completely, as it does not have the status of a processed image anymore. This is technically correct, but not very nice to work with.

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Agreed. There are a couple quirks about the filters that are pretty darn confusing when you first hit them. But yeah, to filter and then edit and the image disappears took me a little while to figure out where it went (I had filtered in prior session and didn’t intentionally do in current session). In my case, I chose the filter for Processed because I wanted to see a photo I knew I had already worked on. Then I thought I needed to make a change, so I went to customize. As soon as I clicked on a setting, the image I was attempting to work on totally disappeared.

In photolibrary view, that makes sense, but in the middle of “Customize” session trying to tweak the photo it is frustrating to now have THIS.

I quickly figured out how to deal with it but disturbing nonetheless.

I had exactly the same situation. It does not make any sense. I already thought I had deleted that image by mistake, especially as activating the other filters did not find that image either. I sometimes wonder if the software is being tested at all in practice, before a new function is released.

There’s a whole testing process with lots of volunteers from the user community. Like any product things fall through the cracks or have unintended consequences. All in all I’d rate the functionality and stability of PL as higher than that of several other photo-related products I’ve installed.

In my day job, we sometimes have to clarify, “Is this a bug, or a feature?” In this context my observed problem is more likely a feature in that it’s working as coded/designed. Now if the design could be enhanced not to “disappear” the object currently being edited, that would be great.

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Good morning guys!

Well, as stated in the neighbor thread, we age going to improve the behavior to let “processed but needs to ne updated” to be filtered.

Svetlana G.

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