Filmpack Use in Photolab


Is there a way presently to tag or favorite the film types used the most often in Filmpack as a plugin for Photolab? I tend to use only a few over and over, and I find having to pick them from the submenus in the Color Rendering tab to be inefficient. Silver Efex in Nik makes this easier by simply being able to tag what you want to use in a favorites menu. Is there anything similar?

Also, is there any way to preview the film types prior to using them? As the film types don’t show up as presets, I don’t see how one can tell what they will look like without again selecting each one and then trying to compare them back and forth. Over time I suspect one just learns, but I’m new to PL generally and trying to improve my workflow efficiency.

Generally though, I’m very impressed with the program and its capabilities.

Many thanks for the assistance or advice here.



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Welcome Scott

YES, you have to create as many PhoyoLab presets.
Maybe store them in a personal folder.
DPL then offers a preview of the image.


I actually created presets for all of the FilmPack film types a couple of months ago with the intention of sharing them with anyone who is interested. After completing them I got sidetracked on work and other personal issues, but I will try to upload them soon. Probably not in the next few days.

My main concern is where to put them so others can access them. I will contact Svetlana as well because I will also offer them to DXO gratis if they want them.



Indeed, a download for all of them would likely save new users quite a bit of time. Many thanks and would seem to be a great idea.

Thank you, I would have thought this was already hidden somewhere, but appears to be relatively easy to do.

I don’t know if you saw it, but I’ve already completed it. Here is the link to that thread.



Excellent, many thanks. That is a great improvement in helping decide what you want and then deleting the lesser used ones, and probably how they should ship it by default!